Day 31, Year 3: Bringing luggage to the office


And where am I off to on this very fine Fall Friday? My mom’s! And what is in the luggage? My dirty laundry!

It’s a bit hard to swallow, given the fact that I’m in my mid-30’s paying thousands of dollars per month to live in New York City. It’s like I’m in college. Such is life in Manhattan.

I look at it this way – my train ticket is $28.00 round trip. A bag of laundry is $24.00 at the wash and fold, where men fold my underwear. Sure, from a mental perspective, it’s a bit concerning. But from a financial perspective, it all comes out in the wash!

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Day 30, Year 3: Falafel pita from Seamless


It’s a joke among New Yorkers, or perhaps it’s more of a contest – How big is your Seamless tupperware collection?

Originally, I saved the plastic containers, washing them out and stacking them neatly in the cupboard. After my sister’s birthday party last summer, my friends loaded my containers up with leftover cake. I watched in horror as my containers slipped out the door, and I asked my sister, “Am I going to get those back?” She laughed. Hysterically.

Now I get why.

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Day 28, Year 3: Reviewing with a Big Pencil


Gary Goldsmith is a legit comedian, and when he pulled out his big pencil during our meeting today, I nearly fell out of my chair.

Nostalgia set in too. I have a pencil collection of about 800 pencils that sits in my Chelsea abode. I have a big pink one with my name on it, but it’s not as big as Gary’s. Woah. That’s some pencil!

Quick shout to my girl Nikita in the photo, as well as Gary’s improv troop, Martha!

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