USA’s new series, Satisfaction, is an entertaining thought provoker

Satisfaction USA new series

Satisfaction premieres tonight on USA, and I had the chance to see the series’ pilot episode a day in advance in New York City.

When I was at the NBC Universal Upfronts in May, Satisfaction stood out to me as one of the more interesting and better previews. And after watching the first episode, I’m hooked! It’s DVR’ed so that I don’t miss a single episode this season. I want to follow this story from start to finish!

What it’s about

Satisfaction is about a married couple in America’s top 1% who “have it all.” Neil Truman is a banker. He and his wife  of 18 years, Grace, have a daughter and don’t make time to swim in their pool anymore. Truman goes a little crazy on a business trip and comes home unexpectedly to surprise his wife. But he is the one who is surprised, as he catches Grace having an affair. He slips out unseen but waits for the guys, hunts him down, and learns that he is a paid male escort. In the exchange, Truman ends up with the escort’s phone. And voila! Truman takes on the clients who dial the number, and he becomes a paid escort himself.

What it makes you think about

Satisfaction USA premiere party

The series strives to make you consider the question – Is monogamy realistic? And so did the panel at the fantastic Premiere Party. Noel Biderman, author of Cheaters Prosper, was compelling and very interesting. He believes that infidelity will save the modern marriage. I could follow his argument, and I was quite involved in the discussion. During the Q&A, I raised my hand high in the air and shared my POV… in Satisfaction, Truman and Grace are not communicating with one another. If they wanted to use infidelity to solve their problem, it would seem to me that they should both openly agree on it; otherwise, it’s a dishonest band-aid on the problem, not a solution.

Or is it? I’m not trying to rewrite the show. Sean Jablonski has that down to a science, and I can’t wait to see his brilliance unfold. It will be fun on Thursdays to tune in and watch Season One play out!

Satisfaction USA new series

The party was a blast

I quite enjoyed the open bar, passed hors d’oeuvres, and the fun GIF booth by Pop Up Photo Booth. The booth takes six pictures that animate to a GIF, and then you can share the GIF immediately in social, or print out a quad of pics to take home! @SatisfactionUSA knows how to throw a party!

Here’s a link to @JohnBasedow’s and my GIF:

John Basedow and me at the Satisfaction Premiere Party

Satisfaction USA Premiere Party

Satisfaction USA Premiere Party

Satisfaction USA Premiere Party

Satisfaction USA Premiere Party

Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour Concert in NJ

Katy Perry Hollywood sign

Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour is an entertaining two hours of lasers, strobe lights, costume changes, and cirque.

The concert is segmented out into vignettes, where Perry’s music is grouped together in themes that tell a story from start to finish. She even takes a moment mid-performance to talk to the crowd, pull kids on-stage, give away a pepperoni pizza, and take selfies with the Katy Cats who were lucky enough to sit stage-side. Makes sense. She spends the larger part of the first half running on the treadmill built into the stage, skipping rope with a glow-in-the-dark jump rope, and riding a Dark Horse.

What stood out to me

I personally enjoyed “California Gurls” when the talented backup dancers rolled the letters of the Hollywood sign to spell out “OOOH,” “LOL,” and “YOLO.” And, the cat music video had me in stitches as some serious badass kitties caroused LA, hitting up spots like Chateau Meowmont as they jived to “Gin and Juice.” #LOL

Katy Perry is a cat

The large umbrella from overhead was beautiful amid everybody’s cell phone flashlights.

Katy Perry concert in NJ

Katy rising into a spaceship during “ET” was a bit expected, but I warn you – you better cheer as she’s floating skyward, otherwise you’ll force her to say in the mic, “Let’s hear it [your city]!”

Katy Perry rising during ET

But my heart goes out to the whimsical balloons in “This is How We Do.” Not sure which one was my favorite…. was it the pile of poop or the Katy Taco…

Prismatic World Tour This is How We Do

Magic was abound with our Cover Girl Prism Vision glasses that created illusions like this.


Kristen and I posted our #InstaGlam beauty shot, for consideration on the concert big screen.

Kristen and I wear Cover Girl Prism Vision

My recommendations for attendance

Having said all that, I have to point out two things before you head to the concert.

1.  Spend $45.00 on the Jr. High School athletics inspired Tiger Roar tee-shirt.

Roar Katy Perry Tee Shirt

2.  There is an encore, and it’s killer. BUT after Katy performs an extremely elaborate rendition of “Birthday” and floats away on a balloon bouquet, do not pack up and hit the parking lot.

She actually comes BACK out on stage in a gorgeous firework inspired dress and performs “I Kissed a Girl” (and I liked it). No she doesn’t. She performs “Firework!” The actual firework display will make you go Oh Oh Oh!

It was a FUN, entertaining show, filled with the Katy Perry eye-candy that you would expect.

4th of July Fireworks in NYC on the Brooklyn Bridge and East River

NYC Fireworks

During Independence Day 2014, I experienced the biggest fireworks display in the country firsthand, under the Brooklyn Bridge. And it really was as fabulous as you might imagine. Macy’s and New York City put on a spectacular show.

Getting there

Leading into the long weekend, I was lucky enough to spend the night of July 3rd having an amazing evening in my city. I left the Hearst Tower and met someone fab in the garden of The Standard Hotel East Village, where we enjoyed cocktails under an umbrella during the flash flood.

Standard Hotel East

While that was sexy and fun in itself, we walked over to Gemma at The Bowery Hotel and shared a beautiful bottle of wine and meal until after midnight. The walk home on Spring was killer. I slept in on the Fourth, as most actually do in the City that Never Sleeps. I showered up, and hit the A train to buzz over to High Street on the Brooklyn side, so that I could enjoy the show!

Fireworks on the East River

There were hundreds of thousands of people in position to watch the show, yet somehow, Kristen and Stefan stumbled right into where I was waiting for them. It was a pure miracle. We had an awesome spot for viewing the fireworks over the East River and those being fired off of the Brooklyn Bridge.

NYC Fireworks

NYC Fireworks

NYC Fireworks

NYC Fireworks

Watch a clip

Thinking back on 4th of Julys past…

It’s my second 4th of July on the East Coast, but this was the first I spent in NYC. Last year, Kristen and I had an epic weekend in Washington DC. Read the blog post here!

Fireworks in DC

Prior to my NYC move, I lived on Lake Union with a front row seat for the Seattle fireworks display. I recall hanging out on my balcony with Mike and my family thinking how cool the view was and wondering how long I’d be on Fairview Ave.

Fireworks in Seattle

I never, ever, ever imagined that I’d find myself on the East River in 2014 watching the show as a New Yorker. I love living in New York. People come from far and wide to see a slice of what the City has to offer. And I get to live here and do all this cool stuff, everyday! I’m definitely making it count while I’m here, with a big smile on my face. New York feels like a much better fit than Seattle. While change at first can be incredibly scary and difficult to absorb, it really can work out for the best.

A mass exodus

After the finale, we went with the flow, bypassing the mile-long line at the subway on High Street. We headed up to Atlantic Ave. and had burgers outside, letting the crowd dissipate before making our way back to Manhattan.

The crowd at the NYC fireworks

And as if that wasn’t enough

We set the alarm on the 5th and headed crosstown to Grand Central Station, where we loaded up on Starbucks treats and hopped the train to Cold Spring. For under $30.00 and about 75 minutes on a scenic Hudson River route, we reached an adorable town that we love upstate. We were home by dinnertime, eating veggie bowls in Chelsea Market alongside glasses of rose.

Shannon Truax at Cold Spring

Truax Sisters at Cold Spring

Lunch at the Depot was fantastic, as was browsing our favorite antique stores. I oddly found an awesome piece of artwork for my apartment that completely fits my new life. It’s Times Square and a prominent LG logo in the corner! Not sure who is more excited about this… Kristen, or me.

my new art

As summer in New York City presses on, I’m excited to see what lies ahead over the next few sunny months.

A correspondent for Zevia at BeautyCon in New York City

BeautyConNYC entrance

Today, BeautyCon set up post in New York City for the first time. The internet’s most influential in beauty gathered to share tips and network with fans. As the buzz circulated Pier 36 on the East River, Zevia Zero Calorie Soda kept us all feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

In the fall, I was honored to be selected as a Zevia Certified Smart Person. And it goes without saying that I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to cover Zevia-Sponsored BeautyCon in New York.

Zevia Selfies

The selfie is arguably the biggest new wave of internet content, so I made it a point to grab a few Zevia-inspired selfies with some of my favorite BeautyCon celebs.

P’Trique and I looked very, very similar in our black tops, gold hardware, and long blonde hair. And one other thing we have in common is Zevia!

P'Trique and I post with Zevia and sport a matching look

And I think it’s worth mentioning a nod to our “serious model face” pose.

P'Trique and I make serious modeling faces

Jaylah Sandoval looked stunning, especially with her Cola flavored Zevia beverage.

@iiamjaylah and I pose at BeautyConNYC

What fans are saying about Zevia

@thehunt was over the moon to see Zevia at BeautyCon. When we chatted at the Zevia cooler, this exhibitor mentioned that her boyfriends works for the Oakland A’s, and that Zevia recently announced a sponsorship with the Oakland A’s, becoming the first ever Zero-Calorie, Naturally Sweetened Soda in the MLB.

@thehunt enjoys Zevia at BeautyCon

These two gals take their first sip of Zevia ever, and I was delighted to see the big smiles on their faces.

Sara and Alexa of @designerdivaz were decked out and smiling with their Zevia beverages.

Say cheese!

The paparazzi were on hand to snap photos of fans at the step and repeat, and BeautyCon celebrities were available to snap photos with fans. And excitement was everywhere.

Fans and Zevia take the step and repeat

Jay Manuel, America’s Next Top Model veteran, and my personal favorite, looked fierce and offered a ton of fabulous tips to fans.

Shannon Truax and Jay Manuel at BeautyCon in NYC

Gigi Gorgeous, YouTube celeb, allowed fans and followers to take selfies.

@TheGigiGorgeous at BeautyCon

Chelsea Crockett, BeautyLiciousInsider, was happy to meet and greet.

@LiciousInsider and I at BeautyCon

RachhLoves, YouTube favorite, enthusiastically posed for photos.

Rachhloves at BeautyCon

Behind the scenes

There was a lot going on, from the DJ Dance Party to the shows on the Main Stage. But I have to say that one of the coolest things that I saw was P’Trique vogue-ing with fans.

P'trique vogues at Beauty Con

Jaylah Sandoval reported live.

Jaylah Sandoval at BeautyCon

Zevia joins the party

It was awesome to have Zevia front and center at BeautyCon. Thank you so much for sponsoring, Zevia!

Party on at Beauty Con in NYC

Nail polish and Zevia

Zevia Soda Cooler

Zevia is the perfect summer beverage

Learn more and follow Zevia







NBC Upfronts in New York City reveal an exciting season ahead

NBC Upfronts in NYC

It was a momentous occasion. For the first time ever, NBC presented a new and robust portfolio of networks, including: Bravo, USA, Syfy, Sprout, Oxygen, WWE, Esquire, and E!. Advertisers and journalists enjoyed a 90 minute presentation, where Sizzle Reels were accompanied by the talent who stars in the shows. There was a lot of info and sizzle, for sure, but here were a few that stood out to me.

Diane Von Furstenberg is looking for a Global Ambassador

In this new series on E!, watch a handful of hopefuls try to impress DVF herself in the iconic Meatpacking Showroom (not far from my Chelsea digs).

Diane von Furstenberg presents new show at NBC Upfronts

Lisa Edelstein presents Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

This caught my eye, and I might enjoy this one as a comparison to my own experiences of living in New York City after a split.

Lisa Edelstein presents Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce at NBC Upfronts

Other mentions include Nail Art, a series about designing nails, the smallest art canvas in the world. Royals, a scripted series starring Elizabeth Hurley who plays the Queen of a fictitious royal family in London. Satisfaction stood out to me as well. It involves a married man who seemingly has it all but wants more – and so does his wife. My days caring about WWE are long over (Yes, I was pulled into the ring to dance with the Junk Yard Dog when I was in the second grade, in my own version of the Courtney Cox/Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark music video.), so that piece didn’t resonate, but apparently Monday Night Raw is a big deal. Who knew.

The after party impressed

As the stars circulated the scene, I enjoyed various food stations and cocktails.

After party at NBC Upfronts

The Millionaire Matchmaker walked by me. Nigel Barker was an amazingly friendly gentleman and let me grab a picture with him.

Nigel Barker poses with John and me at the NBC Upfronts

On the red carpet

Kim and Khloe Kardashian take interviews, and I take a photo of Kim’s famous “angle” by sheer luck.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian at NBC Upfronts in NYC

Kim Kardashian at the red carpet NBC Upfronts

John and I stop for photos at the step and repeat.

John Basedow and Shannon Truax at NBC Upfronts

Shannon Truax at NBC Upfronts

And I stop for a selfie with an NBC page.

Entering the NBC Upfronts in NYC

Neighbors Movie Review with #CulturePop

Shannon Truax and John Basedow review Neighbors

Universal invited John Basedow and me to attend a sneak peek of the new movie Neighbors.

Zac Efron and Seth Rogen. star in this frat house vs. suburban family slapstick comedy. I’m not so sure that a quiet neighborhood block would entice a fraternity to purchase a home, but that’s exactly what happens in Neighbors. And as you can imagine, neighborly misconduct ensues throughout the flick. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne craft plot after plot to force their rowdy neighbors to move, often while their baby is somewhere in the house. The fraternity fights back by washing other neighbors’ cars, walking dogs, and giving gift baskets to other families on the block who end up having no problem with the loud, late night parties and sex toy garage sale.

Is it obvious that I didn’t care for it?

This particular flick wasn’t for me. Now I’m not the type of person who is easily offended, and I generally find something that I like about everything. This time, not so much. That surprised me — I enjoyed Don Jon, for example. 

At any rate, watch our review of Neighbors to see our #CulturePop official review:

#CulturePop is a neighbor of Neighbors

If you’re a New Yorker, keep your eye open in the subway, and see if you can spot one of our ads. Here’s one spotted right next to Neighbors.

Culture Pop posters in the subways in NYC

Grumpy Cat Birthday Party in NYC, sponsored by Friskies Party Mix

Grumpy Cat party hats made by Kristen Blush: Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cat! Our favorite feline turned two, and Friskies Party Mix threw a celebration worthy of the internet’s favorite meme. Although, from what I could tell, Grumpy thought it was #terrible. (NOTE: The hats pictured were handmade by my sister, Kristen Blush, who can be found at

Inside the party

Friskies and Grumpy Cat arranged quite an elaborate affair. I was greeted with the signature “Grumptini,” sprinkles and cherry floating colorfully in my glass. Passed snacks prefaced a delicious fish-inspired dinner menu. Magicians entertained, balloons were shaped, and faces were painted. I spent a lot of time in a boa in the interactive photo booth, but I definitely spent the most time at the step and repeat with Grumpy Cat, who slept peacefully and sweetly atop her birthday cake.


The Bosco photo booth snapped photos of guests with Grumpy, printing out selfie memes that you could take home. Pictured below, from left to right: My sister Kristen, Tabatha Bundesen, and Katrina.

Kristen and Shannon Truax attend Grumpy Cat 2nd birthday Shannon Truax and Tabatha Bundesen Katrina and Shannon attend Grumpy Cat 2nd birthday

Grumpy wakes up for cake and celebration

After watching a photo montage capturing all two years of Grumpy Cat’s life, we sang a special rendition of “Grumpy Birthday” in unison. Oddly, our guest of honor refused to smile.

Grumpy Cat birthday party

Grumpy Cat's birthday party


Personally meeting Grumpy Cat

It was surreal to be so moved by a pet. When you meet Grumpy Cat, it quickly becomes clear that you’re in the midst of a star. Honest. Grumpy is an insanely unique, beautiful, and sweet cat. The team doesn’t allow people to handle Grumpy Cat, which I really appreciated. She sits in her comfy, safe spot (atop a birthday cake tonight) and fans can stand next to her for a photo. The entire operation is completely safe, humane, and loving towards this precious pet. However, because I was an invited media outlet and the last interview of the night, I was lucky enough to spend some QT with Grumpy Cat in the greenroom.

Grumpy Cat and Shannon Truax

Shannon Truax with Grumpy Cat

Exclusive interview with Tabatha Bundesen

During my time in the greenroom, I had the chance to sit down with Grumpy Cat’s owner Tabatha Bundesen. We talked about Grumpy’s “special” and life after Grumpy fame. She also reveals the oddest things from fans, as well as her personal favorite Grumpy Cat merchandise. There is also a nod to our dual pants suits.

The Grumpy Cat Coffee is a favorite

Spoiler Alert: In her interview, Tabatha reveals that one of her favorite Grumpy Cat items is the coffee. And I can’t blame her. I enjoyed my Coffee flavored Grumppuccino and will eventually try Vanilla and Mocha.

Grumpy Cat Coffee Grumppuccino

I was so impressed with the first sip that I felt inspired to quickly record a commercial in one take. While I realize that I’m not as funny as they are, I wanted to pay slight homage to the Swarovski crystal gals on Saturday Night Live.

Fun and engaging guest list

I really enjoyed spending time with Ben Clark (aka Ben Lashes), Grumpy Cat’s agent and mastermind of the Grumpy sensation. He also manages Nyan Cat, another feline friend whom I’ve blogged about in the past.

Shannon Truax and Ben Clark at Grumpy Cat's birthday party

It was also a blast to visit with Jonathan Kite, my favorite chef on TV from the hit show Two Broke Girls.

Shannon Truax and Jonathan Kite at Grumpy Cat's birthday party

And Friskies actually called Katrina and me out in one of their tweets! Yes!

Friskies Tweets our photo

Thank you!

It meant a lot to be included in the celebration. Thank you, Grumpy Cat, Tabatha, Ben, Heather, and Friskies for having me. It was a wonderful soiree.

Grumpy Cat birthday party in NYC

Inside Grumpy Cat Birthday Party NYC Friskies