Diane Von Furstenberg made me cry at Nordstrom Bellevue Square

UPDATE (10/22/2011): Since blogging about the event on Wednesday night, Nordstrom Bellevue Square reached out via Twitter, and the Store Manager sent me a very thoughtful email. While understanding that they can’t undo the event, the solution is brilliant, and I feel really good about it.

I’m going to give Nordstrom Bell Square the opportunity to reset things and show me the outstanding customer service that Nordstrom is famous for. In the spirit of moving forward, Mike and I have been invited to The Grill for dinner and dessert. Also, the cosmetics department has put together a personal baggie of products that I like and use. (I specifically asked that they omit Diane Von Furstenberg’s new fragrance from my baggie.)

Wednesday night was heartbreaking and embarrassing, but I respect Nordstrom for their accountability and compassion. They did the right thing today, and I’m looking forward to returning to the store later this week for a fantastic experience. I know that my confidence and faith in Nordstrom Bellevue Square will be restored.

Lucky Duck is a sad little duck as he packs up the Diane Von Furstenberg boots for return.

After posting that I invested in a pair of Diane Von Furstenberg Gwen boots last night, a good friend reached out to let me know that Diane would be making a personal appearance at Bellevue Nordstrom today, signing her new fragrance from 7-9 p.m. I was so looking forward to attending the event, buying the fragrance, and telling Diane that I love what she does and that I was so excited to have just gotten a pair of her Gwen boots.

Diane Von Furstenberg Bellevue Nordstrom

I had an appointment at The Pro Club that ended at 7:15. With only a ten minute drive to the event, I paid to quickly get makeup done at the Salon. I couldn’t meet Diane Von Furstenberg without my makeup. I found parking right away and was walking in the door at 8:14 p.m. I was thrilled, so happy, and thankful to be there.

When I got up close to the event, I saw customers taking photos with Diane. There was a line roped off. Nobody was in line, so I got in line, right at the front. No one was behind me. I got a wrist band and picked the fragrance I wanted to buy. I was smiling from ear to ear. My makeup looked nice. All of the Nordstrom employees who I recognized from years of shopping in the store didn’t greet me or do anything to help me move forward. They were all staring at Diane, mesmerized by her powers and getting off on being in the midst of a legend. That is, with the exception of Lindsay from the Kate Somerville counter. She was doing her best to move me along and include me in the event. She said that my makeup looked great. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do it on her own.

Diane refuses to stay for the length of the event

At 8:15, which was 45 minutes before the posted end time, Diane decided that she was ready to go. She couldn’t make any time for one more person in line with a wristband. No one from Nordstrom asked on my behalf for one last photo. Everyone was literally ignoring me and pretending that I wasn’t there… that is, until a blond employee tried to sell me an autographed perfume bottle, as I stood there, completely shocked, insulted, embarrassed, and heartbroken.

I literally ran out of the store so that I could cry in my car. My new makeup was a mess and all over my face, and the second thing I thought (after first thinking how inconsiderate the Nordstrom staff and Diane Von Furstenberg were) was, “The boots are going back.”

My philosophy of fashion

I consider two very important things when I invest in fashion:

  1. What the value is for the money.
  2. How the brand makes me feel.

#2 is actually more important to me than #1. I found sequins short shorts at The Rack at a true steal of a price, but when I saw that they were made by “A Lindsay Lohan Company,” I put them back promptly. I want to feel proud of what I’m wearing. I want to identify with the brand and believe in it.

Mark Badgley and James Mischka would not have snubbed a customer at the event today. And their PR/Sales team (Rob/Lara/Jacqueline) would not let it happen. The Badgley Mischka label is always gracious to people and appreciative to customers, and I’m proud to wear their work. I own at least 30 of their pieces, and my collection continues to grow.

I’ve been backstage of Badgley Mischka at Fashion Week in New York City twice:

Shannon Harms with Mark Badgley Mischka and James Mischka

Shannon Harms with Mark Badgley Mischka and James Mischka

I’ve sat in the 5th row at Badgley Mischka, the 7th at Betsey Johnson, and the 3rd at Herve Leger. And I was invited to the Badgley Mischka flagship grand opening party on Rodeo Drive:

Shannon Harms with Mark Badgley Mischka and James Mischka

Because of what happened today, I will never want to buy anything belonging to the Diane Von Furstenberg brand. There are too many choices in the marketplace, and lots of designers make beautiful things.

The boots are all packed up and going back.

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