Lucky Duck loves Windows Phone

Lucky Duck loves his Windows Phone 7

Lucky Duck texts the pretty blonde duck with his Windows Phone! I wonder if she’ll text back?

The Windows Phone 7 has completely changed my life, in terms of how I share and stay connected with my friends and social networks. I literally won’t leave home without it.

The truth is, Lucky Duck wouldn’t exist if he wasn’t powered with the sharing capabilities built in to Windows Phone. For example, when I took the photo above, I immediately clicked “Upload to Facebook,” and in seconds, all of my friends could see Lucky Duck’s latest adventure.

Earlier this month, I was invited to one of the most important events I’ve ever attended, the Badgley Mischka flagship grand opening on Rodeo Drive.

Badgley Mischka flagship

Having the Windows Phone with me completely changed the way that I was able to enjoy and participate in the event. For example, it got me a photo with my favorite TV celebrity, and it connected me with a new friend. Here’s a closer look at four big examples of why I LOVE Windows Phone:

  1. My clutch is too small to fit a camera, but it will fit my Windows Phone. See!Small Badgley Mischka clutchWhen I met Derek Hough, my favorite pro on Dancing with the Stars, I was able to get a photo with him, using the camera on my phone. I have the photo printed and on my cork board at the office.Derek Hough and Shannon Harms
  2. After I got my photo with Derek, I was so excited and of course wanted to share it with everyone back home. The Windows Phone made it possible for me to share the photo on Facebook; I could even include the caption, “Derek Hough just said hi to me!” I loved being able to share it broadly, in real time. My friends at home could instantly see what was going on inside the party through my mobile uploads and status updates, and it was SO much fun to see all their comments on my stuff. Also, I could keep my Dad in the loop (who doesn’t use Facebook) by sending him the photo in a text message or email.
  3. I had the chance to meet the architect who designed the new store. He, his wife, and I got along really well and wanted to keep in touch; but, neither of us had business cards on us. I quickly pulled out my phone, added him as a new contact, and opened Outlook to email him right away, so that he’d have my address instantly. We’ve been in touch several times since I’ve been back, and we’re going to all have dinner together when my husband and I are in LA this spring. Hamid Gabbay and Shannon Harms
  4. But this is my favorite part of the evening… as everything was winding down, I had time to talk with the brand’s head of Marketing and Sales. I told her that I became a fan of the brand when I wore Badgley Mischka in my wedding. She asked if I had a picture, and because the Windows Phone can pull all of my photo albums from Facebook into my Pictures tile, I was able to very quickly open my wedding album and show her a portrait of me in the gown. Badgley Mischka Mallory Wedding GownShe called Mark over to see it, and Mark Badgley himself, took my phone out of my hand and told me that I looked “absolutely beautiful” in the dress. Then he called James over to show him the photo, and they both told me I looked beautiful while holding my phone. It was surreal! It was only because of the phone’s capability to connect with Facebook that I was able to show them this picture.

Badgley Mischka Grand Opening Party_Mark and James

I was not only super thankful to have this phone on me, but I was proud. It’s such a cool phone, and I definitely recommend it. If you’re curious to learn more about Windows Phone, check out the website.

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