Lucky Duck talks hair

Lucky Duck talks hair at the Lisa Power Salon

Good hair. Big hair. Sexy hair. We want it all, when it comes to hair. Hair’s a huge deal. Lucky Duck came with me for my service yesterday at Lisa Power Salon. I see a fabulous stylist named Jeremy who looks a lot like Derek Hough. But more importantly, Jeremy gives a great shampoo massage, is a blast to chat with, and has a ton of patience. I think he intricately foils about 200 packets onto my head when I see him. If you want go red, they say this is the best place in Seattle to do it. Lisa is the expert there. Jeremy does everything, but he really is the blonde expert.

I also love that they sell Davines, a very exclusive product out of Italy, and Moroccan Oil. I am a big believer in investing in some great haircare taylored to your hair type. For example, does it break easily? Is it colored? Is it oily? You want to think of all this when you buy your products, and a great stylist can help you find the right balance.

I have some personal favorites that I feel work for anybody (listed in the order in which you’d apply them):

Having said that, don’t forget to invest in a fab hair dryer that smooths and shines. Read some reviews and look for a deal online. You can surely use Bing Shopping to find a sweet price. And use ceramic hair brushes to help style. The ceramic heats up from the heat of the hair dryer and acts like a flat iron or curling iron. I can’t live without my big paddle brush and round ceramic brush by Olivia Garden. Yummy.

Lucky Duck is still trying to snag a lock of Justin Bieber’s hair, but he’s been unsuccessful. I told him though that next time we’re in Vegas at Madame Tussauds, we’ll visit the Justin Bieber wax figure…. although, it’s the long hair version of Justin, so we’ll see how realistic it can actually be.


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