Lucky Duck watches Mucho Macho Man take third place in the Kentucky Derby

Mint Julep official drink of the Kentucky Derby

Lucky Duck drinks a Mint Julep while watching the Kentucky Derby.

It was a fabulous day to watch the Kentucky Derby! Especially on Madison in Seattle. The Bottleneck Lounge was a fun spot to get together with friends and cheer on the horses.

Bottleneck on Madison celebrates Kentucky Derby

Skillet Street Food, a rocking food truck, showed up and Lucky Duck had veggie poutine. It was delish!

Poutine from Skillet Street Food

Ducks love a good pool, so Lucky Duck and his friends checked out the odds and placed their bets.

Place your bets

And the hats didn’t disappoint! Check out the beautiful photos of the beautiful hats by Dixon Hamby.

Derby Day at The Bottleneck photos by Dixon Hamby

Lucky Duck was cheering Mucho Macho Man on all the way and was pretty happy to see him come in third!

But Lucky Duck came in first again… in Search Results! This time, the search term is “watch kentucky derby may 7, 2011” and out of 13 Million results, Lucky Duck is #1!

SEO Kentucky Derby on Bing

If you missed the race, check it out here! At the end, Lucky Duck makes an appearance.

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