Lucky Duck gets new software and new hardware for the new green Sony Vaio

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is flat

Lucky Duck wants to play a game – which of these is the computer mouse? A? B? C?

Wait… it’s a trick question! Mice (Mouses?) are curved like little speed bumps. Well, that may have been true at one time, but Microsoft Hardware rocks, and they’ve broken the mold. The new Microsoft Arc Touch mouse is flat. “A” in the photo is not a cell phone. “A” is actually the Microsoft Arc Touch!

Now, don’t confuse with the Microsoft Arc – the Arc and the Arc Touch are two different products. The Microsoft Arc Touch arcs, er, folds, and as soon as it becomes “an arc,” the mouse is turned on. (Oh gosh, this is a family site…) When you snap it flat, it turns itself off.

Microsoft Arc Touch mouse

The USB that wirelessly connects it to your computer is so small and tiny. Be careful that you don’t lose it. Oh wait. Microsoft Hardware made the bottom side of the Microsoft Arc Touch magnetic, so the USB actually sticks itself right on the mouse. I’m just leaving the USB in my neon green limited edition Sony Vaio C because it’s completely non-obtrusive, but that magnet really keeps the USB snapped in place tightly.

When I was at The Company Store today in building 92, I overheard someone saying that the battery life on this thing is awesome. While I was there, of course I bought myself Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010.

Microsoft Arc Touch and Microsoft Office Home

I was really impressed with how easy it was to install Microsoft Office on my Sony Vaio laptop. Because I had Office Starter Edition pre-installed on my PC, all I had to do was open Office and click the button indicating that I have a product key. I entered the product key and activation was really fast. That was it.

(This was actually really, really, really fun for me because I own the activation text for Windows, and I LOVED seeing how Office is handling product keys and activation. I have to admit, I took a screenshot or two of the process…. my gosh I love geeking out sometimes! Come on, you’re not surprised… my second post on GoLuckyDuck was about how my new Windows Phone changed my life.)

Go Microsoft! And go like Lucky Duck on Facebook.

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