Lucky Duck’s into fuel efficiency and the smart car

Lucky Duck drives a Smart car

Lucky Duck is one smart bird.

Earth Day was a big day for Lucky Duck to start thinking about the environment, and these days, fuel efficiency is a pretty big deal. My friend Lisa just got a smart car, and I got a tour of her new green set of wheels. And by green, I mean earth friendly, as well as Lucky Duck friendly.

Lucky Duck drives a Smart car

I was out today and saw something totally green, yet totally opposite. Wait. For. It.

A green hummer has a save the whales sticker

Ok, it’s green, but in color only. Sure, the owner tries to appear environmentally conscious by sticking an “Extinction is Forever” bumper sticker on the window of his Hummer… but, um, it doesn’t work like that. Gosh, I bet you could come up with some hilarious captions for this photo.

The smart car logo is a C for compact and an arrow for forward thinking. Or, it could just stand for “Cool!”

The logo for the smart car is a C and an arrow for compact and forward thinking

There’s even a smart car by Mercedes Benz. My friends know that I love Mercedes Benz. Mercedes sponsors Fashion Week in New York City & Wimbledon, they were all over Sex in the City (the first movie), they even make an engine for the smart car. Awesome. Also, the new Roadster is offered in the U.S. this February as a four-cylinder option, which saves fuel. When I get the Roadster, I’m definitely going the route of four-cylinders.

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