Lucky Duck rides a cable car in San Francisco

Cable car in San Francisco

Lucky Duck plays tourist and rides a cable car in San Francisco.

It might be $6.00 one way and a 45 minute line at Ghirardelli Square, but it’s truly worth the wait. In fact, I insist that you buy a ticket, wait in line, and ride a cable car. It’s not touristy – it’s a must. A. MUST. By far my favorite thing I did in San Francisco. And I thought very highly of the lookout at The Golden Gate Bridge. Seriously, look how cool and fun this looks!

A cable car on the street in San Francisco

So buy a ticket and wait it out. (If you buy a round trip ticket for $12.00, keep in mind that you will have to get off when you get to the end of the route and get back in line. So be prepared for that; otherwise, just do a one way ticket like I did.)

San Francisco cable car ticket

If you can score one of the 16 spots along the outside, take one. It’s just like you’ve seen on The Rice-A-Roni commercial or the opening credits of Full House. You stand on a narrow platform, hang on, and enjoy the ride! Just don’t lean out as another cable car passes you. You’ll surely lose a hand.

Riding a cable car

The full route goes from an area just by Ghirardelli Square… (Yes, the chocolate place! Stop in; you’ll get a free caramel square.)

Ghiardelli Square in San Francisco

… all the way cross town to Union Square. Union Square is where you’ll find shopping, theater, and food – three of my favorite things. But the cable car was better. Way. There are so many super steep hills in San Fran, you actually feel like you’re on a roller coaster. And the cable car operators are hilarious. They even play popular tunes on the cable car bell.

Although, I was pretty excited to arrive in Union Square and be a part of such an enormous Nordstrom during Anniversary and revisit Shannon alley.

Shannon alley in San Francisco

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