Lucky Duck enjoys a sneak preview of Captain America

Captain America Movie Ticket

Lucky Duck gets to see Captain America before the rest of the nation.

Action packed, highly stylized superhero movies rock, and Lucky Duck is excited to see an early screening of Captain America at 2:15 tomorrow, hours before the film is released nationwide. Although, I’m sure that Lucky Duck is not as excited as this adorable kid… OMG, can I have him?!

Captain America kid fan

The little pumpkin in the high chair is also pretty cute. I’ll take him too! :)

Microsoft Windows does some pretty cool events for morale, and Moviepalooza is by far my favorite. The last time we did this was in January when The Green Hornet came out. Here’s a snapshot of some of the refreshments I received, sans the extra large soda and bag of popcorn.

Movie theater candy

My cousin is an avid comic book collector. He and his wife will be attending the movie at midnight, as soon as the first screening is available. He told me that I need to stay until the end of the credits… I wonder if they’ll tease a sequel? Or a flick about a different superhero?

Lucky Duck fights crime

Or better yet, what if they’re making a Wonder Woman movie!? I’m still waiting for that one to come out; I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

Wonder Woman and Shannon Harms at Nordstrom

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