Lucky Duck joins the Windows Wino’s club

Windows Winos Club

Lucky Duck has never had so much fun in a Microsoft conference room, thanks to Bonair Winery and good friends.

My team at work is awesome. Windows Writers and Editors are a barrel of monkeys. Today happened to be one of my favorite days in the office. Jon Nones, one of my favorite editors, organized a new club a few weeks ago – The Windows Winos – and I think I may have been the first person to sign up.

It’s no secret that Lucky Duck and I enjoy a good beverage, so I’ve been anxiously waiting for our club’s maiden meeting, and it didn’t disappoint. Jon made custom glasses, brought fantastic wines & cheeses, and had a wealth of knowledge to share with the fine group. (Pictured from left to right: Jean (who designed my logo), Charlene, Jay, Jon, Karena, Marty, and Suchi came later.)

The Original Windows Wino's

 Jon is sitting at the head of the table. What a great guy. He’s not my editor, but we hung out at the Mariner’s game a while ago for a team event, and I had a blast.

Jon and I hang out at a baseball game

I’ve always thought very highly of Jon, but after seeing his demonstrations today on cheese and wine, I’m so super impressed.

If you aren’t sure how you’re supposed to taste cheese and wine, here’s a short video from Windows Wino’s Club to show you:


And if you’re not sure what a Cabernet Franc is, here’s another lesson from our leader:


Although, I’m technically a leader in the club too. My office is “Club Lush.” It is. If you read the bylaws, my duties include being the first to taste the selection and being the one to clean up the conference room when we’re finished swirling.

Today’s selections (nice picks, Jon!):

Cheese – Aged Cheddar, Fontina, Gruyere

Wine – Bonnair Chardonnay and Bonair Cabernet Franc.


  1. Thanks for capturing the moment. I had fun at the tasting and I’ll be sure to listen to Jon’s wise words in the videos again. There’s so much to learn about wine but the nice thing is, even as a novice, I can enjoy drinking it. Did Lucky do okay? He was looking a little green when he left ;)

  2. You’re welcome, Jean of All Trades! I had a great time too, and I can’t wait for our Windows Wino’s field trip in September. Lucky Duck, like me, can drink. haha. But yeah, he was looking pretty green! :)

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