The DUCK HUNT is on! Can you find one of Lucky Duck’s friends?

The DUCK HUNT is on! Can you find one of Lucky Duck’s friends?

Lucky Duck opens the huge box from Oriental Trading, and 150 ducks are inside!

But they won’t be in the box for long. The DUCK HUNT is on, and I hope you’ll play.

Where and when

Starting today, you can find yellow rubber duckies around the Seattle metropolitan area. Soon, they’ll be in other places across the U.S. too. Members of the DUCKarazzi will be receiving envelopes including duckies, and instructions on where to put them. And there’s no end date. So keep your peepers peeled. With 150 ducks to be shared, the DUCK HUNT is going to go on for a while.

What to look for

You’ve seen the creative photos of Lucky Duck in fun spots, like in a bunch of bananas, in the Easter grass, and in the toy store. Look for these cute yellow ducks in funny places. I won’t hide them; I want you to find them! But I will put them in funny places, designed to make you smile.

What to do when you see a yellow rubber duck

Remember when Lucky Duck was sitting on the rail at Seafair, and the party guest abDUCKted him?  That’s the idea of the DUCK HUNT. When you see a duck:

  • Take the duck, before someone else does. Flip it over. You’ll see the URL for The Adventures of Lucky Duck.
  • Go to Lucky Duck’s blog, and click the DUCK HUNT module, which will bring you to the post that explains the DUCK HUNT in full detail.

The Contest

Lucky Duck's Facebook page

What you get for doing this

For starters, you can keep the duck. Or, you can pay it forward. After you’ve taken a picture and uploaded it to the Lucky Duck Facebook page, put the duck somewhere for someone else to find.

At any rate, as soon as you post your photo on Lucky Duck’s Facebook page, you will automatically be entered in a contest, where you can win something from Lucky Duck’s Online Store at Café Press.

In the spirit of Throwback

Throwback” is a common theme on the blog these days, so I found an appropriate video for the occasion that is cracking me up. DUCK HUNT on the original Nintendo gaming system!

Just don’t tell Lucky Duck about it; he probably won’t find it appropriate or funny. He’ll beak out and call off the DUCK HUNT. And we wouldn’t want that!


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