DUCK HUNT day one: The Eastside gets rubber ducks

Lucky Ducks hides his friends at the Kirkland waterfront

Lucky Duck travels to the Eastside to scatter eleven little rubber ducks.

  • Mike and I carpooled today, so when I dropped him off at Bellevue’s City Center, I placed a few ducks in some key locations, such as the lobby by the door to El Gaucho, a table at Specialty’s, and in the fountain.
  • Later this afternoon, I was at my team’s Summer BBQ at Vasa Park. I put duckies in a tree and on a windowsill. I took one ducky dressed up as a construction man and put him on a power outlet over at the Windermere’s party, on the other side of the park.
  • After having coffee with Dena at Vovito in the Bravern, I put one duck by the outdoor fireplace.
  • Then, with a double date in Kirkland, duckies were placed throughout the waterfront. I was pretty excited to take a ducky dressed as a pirate and place him on a bench at the end of the Argosy dock.

If you’re not an Eastsider, hang in because the DUCK HUNT is definitely coming your way. In the meantime though, try to find the duck in each of these real photos. Click the photos to enlarge.

The fireplace at Bravern

A tree at Vasa Park

Pirate duck waits on the Argosy Dock

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