A flashback: My Halloween costumes when I was a kid in the 80’s

Witch and Raggedy Ann and Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck time travels back to Halloween in the 1980’s. (Can you find Lucky Duck in this photo?)

You can tell that my sister and I are best friends because in all of our baby pictures, we’re hugging, holding hands, and smiling. We always loved dressing up for Halloween. I remember that this was the year that my mom took the outfit off of our large Raggedy Ann doll and put it on Kristen, and I wanted to be a Wicked Witch with a green face and big nose. Kristen and I made the Halloween decorations behind us by hand.

If you saw my post a couple of days ago, you’re probably thinking, “Hey! I’ve seen that Raggedy Ann outfit before!” What can I say – Kristen and I loved to share growing up. ;-)

One of my other favorite Halloween pictures is the year I was in the first grade and wanted to be Barbie Bride. I’m a bit surprised that I chose this costume because I never played with dolls and fixed on getting married. I think I just knew that brides wore really nice dresses, and that’s what I wanted to do!

I did, however, play with my He-Man, She-Ra, and Thundercats figures. My sister and I would sit on the floor and play with our Dad; my mom would get made when we’d get our slime in the carpet.

Slime Pit

Remember when Halloween costumes used to be made out of thin, plastic slipcovers? And they came with a hard plastic mask with little eyes cut out?

She-Ra and Barbie Bride costumes

(Can you find Lucky Duck in this photo?)

When Mike was in India, I was drinking my coffee on Saturday morning and flipping the channels. And I came across an old episode of She-Ra, Princess of Power! If you watch the snippet below, you’ll see Princess Adam turn into He-Man, Cringer, Orko, The Sourceress of Grayskull, She-Ra, Swift Wind, Kowl, Mantenna, and many other friends from Eternia. Also, the premise of this clip involves a time machine, which is very fitting, given the topic of this post! haha.

Ok, I have one more… when Mike saw this one, he said, “Were you Olivia Newton John?!” My mom went to aerobics classes, and I’d go with her and watch. The instructor and some of the women wore “work out outfits,” and I thought that was so cool. I wanted to do that too! This same  year, I insisted on asking for “Get in Shape Girl” for my birthday, as well as the matching Barbie.

Get in Shape Barbie

This summer, I found the old Billy Crystal Diet Pepsi commercial on Retrojunk.com, and I cannot belive I found the Get in Shape Girl commercial! They have everything.

Get in Shape Girl on Retro Junk

And here I am in my leotard, pretending like I’m running. (Can you find Lucky Duck in this photo?)

Get in Shape Girl

Halloween brings back a lot of great memories for me. I’ve always loved it and still do. And tomorrow’s the day that Mike, Lucky Duck, and I are dressing up! I can’t wait. So fun. Still debatable as to whether I’ll do Monday too, but tomorrow for sure. We’re on at Teatro ZinZombie!

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  1. Hey Shannon!! – I’ve done the same thing! Take pics of pics with my camera, that’s how I did my mom’s diploma, it was too big for my scanner.

    I love old photos – you and your sister are too cute!!!!

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