Nordstrom Bellevue Square makes up for the DVF issue last Wednesday

Nordstrom Grill Bellevue Square

Lucky Duck got first class service at Nordstrom Bellevue Square tonight.

You may remember that last Wednesday didn’t go so well at the Diane Von Furstenberg appearance at Nordstrom Bellevue Square, and the Store Manager reached out to make it right. Diane’s team, however, never said a word.

Tonight was the night to reset things, and I can honestly say that Nordstrom Bellevue Square went out of their way to provide me with exceptional service. I’m really happy! At a glance:

  • A makeover (I learned something really cool, which I’ll mention below.)
  • A bag of my favorite cosmetics, plus several others to try
  • A complete meal with wine
  • And I bought some things: cosmetics and a special jacket

A makeover

I had an appointment with Lindsay at 5:30, at the Kate Somerville counter. My makeup looked amazing, and I learned a new concept called “Wardrobe your skin” (thanks, Lindsay!) If you buy one face wash and one moisturizer to use every day, you can’t wardrobe your skin. If you have a few options, you can customize what you use each day, based on your skin’s condition – like you would pick out an outfit each day, based on what you feel you need to wear. This doesn’t require that you use twice the products, so your stuff lasts just as long; you just have to be ok with buying a couple of things at once.

A bag of my favorite cosmetics

When I arrived, Lindsay had a baggie for me, which contained several full sized products from Kate Somerville and Fusion Beauty, as well as some deluxe samples from Kate, Fusion Beauty, and YSL. To “Wardrobe my skin,” I’ve really been wanting the Goat Milk moisturizer to complement Nourish… and guess what I got… Yay!!

A complete meal with wine

As I finished my makeover, Mike grabbed a table for us in The Grill and provided my written confirmation that we were guests. When I met him up there, he had a cocktail and calamari going on. :-) Our server was so nice, very attentive, and the food was awesome! Because we went the appetizer route, we skipped dessert, in an effort to not gorge ourselves and take advantage. The meal was excellent, and we had a lot of fun! Our server said it was a pleasure to serve us and didn’t bring a check. We did, however, leave a nice tip.

I bought some things…

It was smart to invite me back into the store because I pre-saled several items for Double Points next week. First, I picked out Mike’s shaving gel at Clinique, my Kate Purifying Cleanser, two YSL mascaras, and one Chanel primer. (* Nordstrom is offering a buy-two-get-one-free sale on all mascaras!)

Second, since I had several Nordstrom Reward Notes on me, I pre-saled the Mackage Peaches puffy black jacket that I’ve been wanting for over a year. (Double points are happening next week!) This was pretty exciting for me. I bought a Mackage jacket at Nordstrom last year, and I’ve never once regretted. Mackage makes excellent stuff.

Here’s a look at it on the Mackage website. I noticed on the site that Mackage is charging slightly under $20.00 less than Nordstrom, so I may show this to my sales gal on Wednesday when I pick up the coat and see if she can match the price. Nordstrom generally does this; I’m sure she will.

Mackage Peaches

And here’s a look at the Mackage jacket I bought last year.

Mackage camel coat

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    1. Hi PeppermintLucy! The food’s pretty good. My server mentioned that they got a fresh halibut that morning and fillet it for the fresh sheet. So glad I picked it. And the jacket is so me and fits like a dream. Since I returned the DVF boots, I went with the jacket. I’m going to have to get boots still, but I’m going to look for a much less expensive pair, which I know I will find.

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