Lucky Duck buys Michael Kors boots to replace the DVF ones that went back

Michael Kors boots

I’ve been on a mission to get a nice pair of boots to complement my Badgley Mischka cognac tote. And today, I feel I achieved success at Michael Kors in Bellevue Square!

Let me start by saying that the entire experience in Michael Kors Bellevue Square was unbelievable. Clearly, the store is hot, even before you walk in. Its white exterior frames all the goodies in the windows. Zebra couches invite you sit down and try on shoes. The clothing this season is cozy, caramely goodness, which is right up my alley.

Michael Kors Bellevue Square

The service I received was excellent. One sales associate provided me with a lot of great tips, advice, and info (which I’ll definitely share below), and while we were talking, another associate offered me sparkling water in a wine glass.

Since I was actually using my cognac Badgley Mischka tote, I allowed the caramel riding boots in the windows to draw me in, so that I could see if they’d be a good match. The woman who offered me the water brought me these to look at:

Hamilton Riding boot

Bromley Over the Knee

Cheyene boot

Michael Kors Hamilton Riding Boot Michael Kors Bromley Over the Knee Michael Kors Cheyene boot

I picked Cheyene

You can see in the main image that I went with the last boot, Cheyene, so this part shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. What’s interesting, I think, is the reasoning in the choice.

A tip from Michael Kors Bellevue Square

I started by saying that Pippa Middleton took a slam in People Style Watch for matching her cognac bag to her shoes. My associate laughed and said that it’s ok to match, but it is true that fashion forward people are definitely starting to mix and match.

The art of mixing and matching

He then explained to me why these boots so similar in color to the bag work so well. Here’s the advice that I took away:

  • The chocolate brown against my dark denim and opposite the bag really didn’t do me any favors when I put them on.
  • While the flat pair of riding boots may have been closer in color to the bag, Cheyene was just a shade lighter which brightened my look.
  • Cheyene has a bit of texture in the leather, and the bag is super super smooth, almost wax looking. He pointed out that mixing and matching textures is important, and he proceeded to point out how I was already doing this in the outfit I had on. I love mixing textures! Note: This lets me get away with picking a color so close to the bag. Mixing textures makes the look less matchy-matchy.
  • The color and shapes of the hardware on each piece should fit. For example, each piece has gold studs, gold circles, and gold rectangles.
  • And the bonus – the pointed toe elongates the leg, and with a such a heel, the large sized tote doesn’t overwhelm and take over my whole presence. If I went with something flat, I’d have to wear the tote cross-body like a Messenger bag, rather than over one shoulder or carry on my wrist.

They’re half the price

As I stared in the mirror, I felt really good about these boots, and loved the look a lot more than the original pair of Gwen DVF boots. That’s when I got the good news – these boots were just marked down from $400.00. I got them for half of what I had spent on the original DVF boots!

And if that wasn’t enough, the woman who was helping brought me out two puffy inserts that I could put in the shoe to make them even more comfortable.

Info on Michael Kors

You may recall #2 in my philosophy of fashion: How the brand makes me feel. I asked the gentleman about Michael Kors and really liked what I heard.

If you buy Michael Kors (not MICHAEL Michael Kors or KORS Michael Kors), you can rest assured that Michael himself designed it. But you better be ready to pony up a thousand bucks or more.

MICHAEL by Michael Kors is what the store in Bell Square carries. It’s the ready to wear collection, designed by his team. It’s more affordable, and Michael Kors himself blesses everything before it ships. He goes over every item, recommends changes, incorporates feedback, and then gives it his personal seal of approval. So I asked, “Let’s say that Michael Kors was in here right now and saw me just across the way at The Microsoft Store, wearing these boots. Would he know that they are his?” The answer is “Yes, he would absolutely know.”

KORS by Michael Kors is likely coming to Bellevue Square at a later date; it’s more of a trendy, rock star look. Think bigger buckles, snaps, and the like.

And as I’m sure most folks know, he judges Project Runway and is personally very good friends with Heidi Klum.

Michael Kors and Heidi Klum


Bellevue Square store info:

111 Bellevue Square , Bellevue WA 98004


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    1. Doh! I wish I would have walked by your desk today! I had them on with a pretty cream sweater with dark skinny jeans, gold Aviators, my camel Mackage jacket. Loved every bit of it. :) Thank you so much for checking out my boots and approving! Yay!

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