The Windows Winos do Canada

Windows Winos do Canada

Lucky Duck drinks Canadian wine at the Windows Winos club.

Canadian wine, eh? Jean of All Trades is from Canada, so it was quite fitting that she hosted tonight’s club with true Canadian flair. Her spread and wine selection impressed. Jean of All Trades knows how to throw a fun party.

Here’s a quick video of Jean introducing the event:


Four bottles of great wine

Jean very generously treated us to four bottles from Mission Hill Winery in the Okanogan Valley. We tasted them in the following order: Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Syrah, then Riesling Ice Wine.

In the Windows Winos, we provide scores for each bottle, for things like aroma, finish, taste, texture, and color. I’m not sure what number I gave each bottle, but my favorite, in order: Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling Ice Wine, Syrah, then Merlot.

Mission Hill Winery cork, by Jean of All Trades


Snacks, straight from Canada

Straight from Canadian Favourites, to be more specific. Jean picked all the favourites: Hickory Sticks, Ruffles Spicy Ketchup chips, Bits and Bites, and Laura Secord chocolate.

Snacks from Canadian Favourites

Canadian Favourites really went out of their way to make our event special. They were so nice and gave us the banner, Canadian flag toothpicks, and Canadian napkins when they found out Jean was hosting a Canadian-themed party.

About half way through the event, Jean brought out some maple cookies. Lucky Duck made up a plate. Notice who’s in the picture with Lucky Duck? The nurse who he met at the doctor’s office. At the rate the Windows Winos are going, he thought it would be a good idea to invite her along.

Lucky Duck eats Canadian Favourites snacks

The crew

The Windows Winos

From left to right: Jay, Cheryl, Ursula, me, Marty, Elly, Jon, Jean, Karena, Brittany, Kaarin, Kim. Not pictured (they came later): Charlene and Erica. Photo by Suchitra.

The outfit

Shannon Harms at Windows Winos

I’m sure the first thing you’ll notice are the GUNNAR glasses on my face. This frame is the Anime frame in limited edition gold. Now on the opposite end, my new Mark + James Dallas booties are on my feet. Also, I’m wearing ten of the bangles that Mike bought me in India. And my top is by Conception, the same artist who made the black top that I wore to the Zebra Club fashion show.

Here’s a close up of the glasses and bracelets (and new cell phone case), in this behind-the-scenes photo by Jay. See more of Jay’s event photos.

Behind the scenes

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  1. Looks like a fun evening!! I enjoyed watching the video, too! What a great way to share your evening with those of us who can’t be there, so we get a ‘taste’ of event!

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