Disney World sends a lovely welcome letter

Disney World Welcome Letter

Lucky Duck is going to Disney World.

I’m about one month away from checking in at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Walt Disney is on it. I would argue that Disney probably offers some of the best customer service in the world. Before even getting there, they’ve done such a great job of welcoming Lucky Duck and me.

Disney World Welcome Letter

This little monorail came in the mail today. It was covered in the most famous Disney cartoons, and inside was a “Welcome Harms Family” customized booklet (that looked like a little ticket.) Inside the booklet – info about the hotel I picked, The Boardwalk Inn.

Disney World Welcome Letter

And, there’s advice inside, timed for the season. For example, on page 10:

Special event during your visit.

You picked a great time to visit… a times where there’s even more magic to be found and more fun to be had! Check out what’s going to be happening while you’re here…

Walt Disney World Holidays! Watch as the entire Walt Disney World Resort lights up with holiday magic!

I asked a friend for “Disney advice,” and he said that it’s a good idea to watch the fireworks only once. He said that during the fireworks show, there aren’t a lot of lines on the rides. I need all the tips I can get. Our Disney stay is short. Just a 2-3 day pit stop in between Paris and Sarasota.

Do you have any Disney advice for me? Please share!

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