Microsoft’s “Project Detroit” Ford Mustang

Microsoft’s "Project Detroit” Ford Mustang

Lucky Duck wants Microsoft’s version of The Batmobile!

And he can have it too, for about $200,000.00. I’m actually not positive that it’s for sale, but IMO, it’s worth the money and should probably be a key prop in The Avengers.

Microsoft’s Project Detroit “re-imagines” the exotic car. This Ford Mustang is the future. It’s an empowering vehicle, and I’m thrilled to see Microsoft set such a high bar of innovation. A big thanks too, to Ryan Friedinghaus from West Coast Customs who teamed up on the project!!

Now I don’t have even close to all of the specs for this very fine machine, but I was able to grab a few facts at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square today. (For more info, stay tuned. The Discovery Channel will be airing a special on Project Detroit in the new year.) Or, pop in to your local Microsoft Store and chat with one of the cool representatives.

Microsoft Project Detroit

Ok, so here’s the gist of what I was able to grab in about five minutes… Ahsan was really helpful teaching me all this stuff!

The entire windshield works as a Head-up display, or HUD. A HUD is that transparent display that fighter jets use. Imagine checking your MPH on one of these on your way to the office!

Picture of a head-up-display

There’s a GPS location system that also displays on the HUD, showing your points of interest and arrival.

If you let it, the Mustang will check itself in on Twitter and Facebook wherever you drive. Who knew that a car could be social?

It has its own wireless network, backed up by a 3G network.

It’s not made of plastic; it’s just a flat, matte color. I learned that they painted it over and over again and sanded it down to create a matte finish.

It seats two. Huge speakers were in the back, instead of a back seat.

Instead of an instrument panel, the Samsung 7 Slate PC LCD display shows all the car’s key vital signs, like fluids and gas. It’s powered by custom Windows software!

And Kinect is built in too, of course. Kinect cameras are in the tail lights and near the front headlights to show you anybody who is approaching your ride. Their skeleton actually displays on the HUD.

For entertainment, Xbox and Kinect are built in… but be careful when you’re playing Forza Motorsport 4. You don’t want to mistake the real road for the race track. Yikes!

Forza Motorsport 4

The bottom of the car lights up in several colors. (When it’s green, it looks a lot like something The Green Lantern should be driving!)

Microsoft Project Detroit Ford Mustang lights up Microsoft Project Detroit Ford Mustang lights up

Microsoft Detroit Project MustangMicrosoft Detroit Project Mustang

Lucky Duck likes nice cars

Now a post about a very cool car related to Microsoft would not be complete without mentioning a couple other things:

My SVP's Ferrari

My SVP drives this beautiful blue Ferrari. I sigh. I’d kill for a ride in it. It doesn’t even have to be a long ride. From building 84-88 would be fine…

The McLaren on display at a Microsoft event

This McLaren was on display at a Microsoft meeting. People lined up in a long queue to have a moment in the driver’s seat. I couldn’t afford the time, so I grabbed a picture of Lucky Duck with the car, from behind the ropes.

Mercedes SLK Roadster

I will likely never have a car quite like these, but that’s ok. I’m very happy with my pretty black Mercedes. If anything, I’m actually angling for this Mercedes SLS AMG that I had the chance to take a photo with when I was at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Oddly, the car matches my Badgley Mischka dress… a sign, perhaps?

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