Anniversary #2 was a blast

Royal Argosy Dinner Cruise Seattle

Lucky Duck comes along for Mike’s and my second anniversary.

Thank you for all of the fantastic anniversary wishes for checking out the blog post I wrote about our wedding. I really appreciate your support.

Mike and I had a wonderful day yesterday. When I woke up, Mike had peeled about a dozen oranges and fresh squeezed juice for me. He also made me coffee in my Princess mug and gave me my first package.

Happy Anniversary

In it were two small boxes, with two very special pieces of jewelry. First, Badgley Mischka turquois earrings and a David Yurman bracelet (“intertwined like our love” – isn’t he the sweetest?) that has small diamonds around the clasp.

Badgley Mischka earrings and David Yurman bracelet

With the time we’ll be taking off later this month, we didn’t want to skip out on work. So we went in, and Mike sent me a beautiful arrangement of roses.

Happy Anniversary roses

I watched the clock all day and couldn’t wait to get out of work. Mike and I had tickets for the Christmas Royal Argosy Dinner Cruise.

Before our dinner, we danced to our song, Just the Way You Are and opened two things: a bottle of my favorite champagne and my last present – a Badgley Mischka jeweled caftan!

Veuve Clicquot Badgley Mischka jeweled caftan

I wore Mallory, a Badgley Mischka wedding gown, when I got married. And ever since, the brand has meant a lot to me. What a sentimental and thoughtful gift!

My advice: I strongly recommend picking a wedding gown by a designer who also makes beautiful shoes, bags, clothes, or jewelry. You can buy other pieces from their collection and wear them year round. Mike really enjoys picking out Badgley Mischka gifts for me – for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. It’s a reminder, to us both, about the most important day of our lives.

Sometimes, designer gowns can exceed the wedding budget, but here are options. You can check out a local sample sale, where bridal shops mark down the “floor models” for anywhere from 30%-75% off. With a good dry cleaning, they’re as good as new! OR, join the brand’s Facebook page to find out about trunk shows in advance. I’m friends with Badgley Mischka on Facebook, and I always see notifications like these.

Of course I put my new Badgley Mischka caftan on right away. It fit perfect… I felt amazing and beautiful in it all night… and I can’t wait to wear it again in Paris and Florida.

The Christmas dinner cruise stopped twice to meet up with the Christmas ships parade. We’d go out to the deck and listen to the carols and enjoy the lights.

Argosy Christmas dinner cruise

I have fun with Mike no matter what I’m doing, and I have to say this 12/7/11 was one of the best days I’ve ever had. Our anniversary was especially meaningful this year, and I’m deeply touched by the amount of thought he put in to making it a special day that I’ll never forget.

I’m looking forward to year three with Mike. He’s my best friend, and I feel loved every day. I’m such a lucky duck to get him.

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