Christmas presents are coming… more gift ideas for the holidays

Christmas presents

Lucky Duck loves big bows!

The holiday season is in full swing, and one of my dearest girlfriends met up with me for lunch today to exchange gifts. Look at this amazing package that I got!

And look at what was inside! A gold snakeskin Halston Heritage clutch and Franz Salted Caramels!!

Halston Heritage holiday clutch

My friend and I had a good laugh because both of our presents were along the lines of the same vein: metallic, snake-like clutches. I bought her the Lizzie Vince Camuto clutch that folds two ways to be Gunmetal Metallic Snake in color, or cognac.

Lizzie clutch

What was also a funny coincidence is that my new clutch is going to match a lip gloss that my mom bought me yesterday for Christmas. Lip glosses and clutches go perfect together. And look how great my new NARS Albatross gloss looks with my new Halston Heritage clutch:

Halston Heritage metallic clutch

Holiday lip glosses are so cool. Often, brands will come out with limited edition colors around the holidays. NARS Albatross is a limited shade, as well as the one below it in the picture above. That one’s Celestial Black by Givenchy.

The tube of YSL isn’t “limited edition,” but it makes a great lipstick for the holidays. It’s called Volupté Sheer Candy, and comes in ten different shades. I got three this summer, and since I like them so much, I picked out the Cherry one today, for a festive holiday tube.

YSL Volupte Sheer Candy No. 6

This shade in particular is pretty because it’s red – isn’t the tube itself gorgeous? I like this formula most because it’s very sheer, which means that you can put it on without a mirror, and wear it with a lot of smoky eye shadow without being too make up-y.

Earlier, I shared some edible Christmas present ideas that you could use to create a moment. I’d like to offer another gift idea, still on that same principle of gifting a moment. This one is for your glamorous fashionista!

The moment: Night out on the town
The mood: Glamorous and fabulous
What you’ll need: An amazing clutch and some key items that you would want with you during a night out on the town.
Specific ideas:
  • Pick a nice clutch, and look for sales at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, or online sale sites like Gilt, My Habit, or Blue Fly.
  • Lip gloss, like the ones that I’ve mentioned in this post. If you’re note sure what color your friend likes, pick a light gloss that she can layer over anything.
  • A pretty mirror.
  • Gum.
Images: Clutch    Gloss   pretty mirror   gum


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