More on Winter Blast in Seattle from Lake Union

Lucky Ducks continues to play with friends in the snow.

Seattle doesn’t really get a lot of snow, so Winter Blast 2012 will be the talk of the town for years to come. Seattle’s Mayor got on the TV today and asked Seattle residents to not drive. Washington’s governor declared a State of Emergency. After all the snow we got yesterday, it was pretty shocking to see it continue until about 5:00 today.

Here’s a video that I grabbed down on Lake Union. You can see the snow falling, two people trying to clear the snow off the roofs of their houseboats, and more ducky action.

Mike and I were really good about stocking up for food in advance of this storm, but it was too tempting today as we made our way up Boston and saw the SerafinaCicchetti corner. I captured one more report up on the main road so that I could document the slush.

And then we went to Serafina, where we sat right in the window and ordered some warm toasty, wintery goodies: Pumpkin ravioli, white bean vegetable soup, and bruschetta. Our bartender gave us two red wine pours to taste, and we picked the one that we liked best. It was really romantic and a lot of fun.

Enjoying wine at Serafina

Bruschetta at Serafina

Pumpkin ravioli at Serafina

I would very much recommend both Serafina and Cicchetti for you to try sometime. Both are such special places. The food is absolutely top-notch, and the menu is unique. The staff is amazing and friendly. The ambiance is fantastic. I eat out a lot, and these two restaurant are two of my favorite places to eat in Seattle.

As we walked home, we saw this tree that had so many icicles on it that it looked like it was made of glass. It was really a special sight and certainly something I’ve never seen before.

A glass tree on Eastlake

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