Antipasto at The Four Seasons Seattle in the ART Lounge

The Four Seasons Seattle Antipasto at ART

Lucky Duck likes the cheese.

And if you enjoy cheese too, you should definitely take advantage of the cheese and antipasto presentation in the ART Lounge at The Four Seasons Seattle. It’s quite the production. And, offered for $14.00/person, from 4:30 p.m.-10:00 p.m. 7 days a week, it’s a convenient steal.

Here’s what it looks like from the front:

The Four Seasons Seattle Antipasto at ART

Here’s a look from the other side:

The Four Seasons Seattle Antipasto at ART

As you peruse the display, you’ll have your choice of about ten different cheeses. All of them are clearly labeled to educate you on the type and location of each frommage.

Now the real fun comes in…

To make the most out of your cheesy dining pleasure, take advantage of everything on the antipasto bar surrounding the cheese…

  • Charcuterie plate
  • Thin crackers
  • Baguette
  • Blueberries
  • Candied cherries
  • Almonds
  • Dried mangos
  • Strawberries
  • Grilled veggies (ie: asparagus, squash, peppers)
  • Olives

… and don’t think of this as an opportunity  for just “cheese and crackers. “ Mix and match! Try a peppery cheese on a sweet, dried mango and enjoy the contrast of the two flavors and textures. Spread a soft cow’s milk cheese on a ripe, fresh strawberry. Take a soft piece of baguette, and place a hard chunk of Parmesan Romano on it; top with a candied cherry.

In between tastes, I sipped the Pinot Noir from the keg. You have several wine by the glass choices too, but the keg pinot will save you $6.00 and taste great.

A sexy experience

For me, there’s something very decadent about cheeses, fruits, olives, and wine. There were a few times when I created “the perfect” bite of flavors, and I had a lot of fun recreating it for Mike to try. As I enjoyed the delicious spread, I felt like I was creating something beautiful and enjoyed sharing it with Mike.

NOTE: If you’re going to share with one another, make sure you’re paying for each person who is taking a bite. :-)

As you create personal nibbles, don’t forget to look out the window to see the view from ART Lounge and ART Restaurant is gorgeous as you look out at The Puget Sound and see the Washington State Ferries and commercial boats pass by.

My kind of dessert

And if you’re interested in a little dessert but don’t want anything heavy or buttery (you did just eat a ton of cheese!) – order a cup of coffee with Jameson, Bailey’s, and just a touch of whip.

ART Lounge at Four Seasons Seattle

And they do it again

The Four Seasons Seattle gets it right. Everything right. For example, when we checked in on Friday, they asked us if we wanted 1002, the same room we enjoyed at Thanksgiving. The same gentleman brought up our bags, and he must have remembered our Ravens jersey from last time. He mentioned the Ravens’ game this week! A handwritten note from the General Manager and some light refreshments were waiting for us in our room.

The Four Seasons Seattle

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