Get rid of blackheads: Kate Somerville + Clarisonic brush = RESULTS

Clarisonic brush for your face is a must

Lucky Duck zaps blemishes with Kate Somerville and Clarisonic.

It’s not sexy, but I have to go there… blackheads!! Ugh, gross, right? I’ve been fighting blackheads for the last 20 years. I’ve tried facials, sat in the steam room, squeezed, and gotten the $250 prescription from the dermatologist… (all that did was make my face red, sensitive, and flaky.)

As you may remember, I started using Kate Somerville skincare almost a year ago, and I really like it. But it wasn’t until Nordstrom put a couple of amazing products in my baggie after the DVF incident that I found my magic wand. And now, I’m going to share it with you.

Make a “cocktail!” Here’s your formula for removing the blackheads:

    • Kate Somerville Moisturizer. I like to have a couple of different choices to wardrobe my skin. I use Nourish, Oil Free, and CytoCell (which is my favorite of the three) –> Pump the lotion out and let it sit on the wide brim of the jar (pictured below).
    • Kate Somerville Anti-Bac Clearing Lotion. –> Squirt one pump onto the wide brim next to your moisturizer that you just pumped (pictured below).
    • Kate Somerville Complexion Correction Brightening Cream. –> Squirt one pump onto the wide brim next to your Anti-Bac Clearing Lotion that you just pumped (pictured below).

Take all three squirts into your hands and rub them together in your fingertips. Apply to your face, and don’t freak out when it looks a little white. It will rub in and fabulous ingredients will make their way into your pores and push the blackheads right out.

* All of these products can be found at,, or

Kate Somerville skincare works

Here’s why it works

You need to moisturize your skin to balance it and add oil and water where you need it.

The Anti-Bac Clearing Lotion uses Benzoyl Peroxide to fight acne and blackheads. I like to use it everyday with my moisturizer as a preventative measure.

NOTE: Any product that contains Benzoyl Peroxide will bleach your clothes and towels. So, it’s very important to wash your hands after you use these products, and preferably, use a white towel to dry off.

Complexion Correction fascinates me… it’s for brightening your skin and eliminating dark spots, but honestly, the retinol really helps fight the blackheads. And I’ve found it mild enough to use everyday, where the retinol my doctor gave me made my face very red. While my blackheads are clearing up, my skin is getting brighter. I. LOVE.

NOTE: Whenever you use a retinol product, it’s more important than ever to use your sunblock. You should be using sunblock anyway, even in the winter, but especially if you’re using these heavy duty ingredients. Kate makes a fantastic sunblock that can go over everything and feel comfortable.

And you’ll love this too… Kate Somerville is made in the U.S.A and not tested on animals.

Bump your results with a Clarisonic face brush


Clarisonic for your face

I’ve previously talked about how much I love Kate Somerville face wash. But I didn’t emphasize the importance of the Clarisonic face brush. It’s amazing. Period. It cleans deeper (just like the Clarisonic toothbrush), and dermatologists recommend it across the board.

What you might not know is that the brush head pops apart, so that you can really concentrate on the deep blackheads that can collect in the corners of the nose (pictured above.) Put just the small center pulsating brush onto your Clarisonic and focus right on your nose. Then follow with the concoction described above.

The results

My face is about 90-95% clearer than it was before. And I think you’ll see results too. Just keep in mind that skin is personal, so you have to listen to it. If your skin is getting splotchy or tight, give it something to soothe. Complexion Correction is intense, and I only used it once or twice a week until I could work up to using it everyday. Another thing that helps is to make all new purchases through Nordstrom. Their staff has a lot of knowledge, and if something isn’t working, they’ll help you find something that will. And, they have a fantastic return policy.

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  1. Thanks for the great article! Do you know what the difference is between the complexion correction daily and overnight? Which is better for blackheads? Thank you!

    1. I believe that the overnight version is more intense. I would mix it with Anti-Bac and rub it in. The only issue is that I’ve noticed the products stain my bedding, which is a bummer. I’ve moved to white pillow cases… So glad you got something out of my post!

  2. Hello,
    It’s so easy to try these home remedies it just clicked instantly. They are really effective. I tried one of the treatment of Kate Somerville Moisturizer, cream and importantly Anti Bacterial Clearing Lotion and on my son too. He is in his teens. He was skeptical but after seeing the results he uses them in few days. Thanks for the information on the website.

  3. Hi..I know this post was a year ago, but I have a problem with blackheads primarily on my nose. I want to try all 3 things you reccomended. Would I start using all 3 a few times a week and work my way up? I do have a little sensitive skin, dry in some areas oily with blackheads around nose and open pores on cheeks. Would I continue combining all 3 all the time? If I have a pore refining serum would I apply that first or after or not at all? Also, do apply morning or night and can I apply this before makeup? Sorry so many questions, I’m really trying to rid these blackheads, so frustrating and gross. Any help would be appreciated. Oh, and did clarasonic make you break out? Which version do you use and how often?

    1. Hi Nadine! Thank you for checking out my post and for asking such great questions. All of the products mentioned in the post are still on the market, and even a year later, I am still using all of them myself to solve for blackheads on my nose and cheeks too. Yes, it’s gross. Ick. The good news is that you can help control the situation and lighten/lessen the appearance of blackheads in a big way. But keep in mind that blackheads are virtually impossible to make disappear all together.

      First, let me start with the pore refining serum. I don’t use these serums because in my honest opinion, they don’t do much, and I want to limit the amount of products I’m buying and putting on my face. When your pore fills with oil, it stretches, and when the air hits it, it turns the oil black, which is what you’re seeing. So you really want to minimize the oil and exfoliate; in doing this, the pore will appear a bit smaller because it won’t be as full.

      Second, Clarisonic rocks, and I highly recommend using it once a day at first, working up to twice a day. Get the sensitive brush head. You’ll love it.

      Third, the Anti bac doesn’t have to be used all that often; start with it three times a week and go from there. I would actually suggest swapping out Complexion Correction for Kate’s new Retinol Night Cream. You don’t have to use your moisturizer at night (which makes it last longer) and you have the benefit of the retinol. Kate has also come out with some new moisturizers too, so you’ll have more choices there, too. I like Age Defense.

      Keep in touch, and let me know if I can help at all in any other way.

      1. Thanks so much for responding:) So, at night use the retinol night cream with the antibac? 3x a week to start? Should I use them during the day as well combined with moisturizer, if so how many times? Would i wear this under makeup or no? Have you had any problems with moisturizers reclogging the pores specifically on the nose? Do the products dry out the nose and will i need a moisturizer for that ( like an oil free one), I am just afraid of reclogging. Would i use the retinol a few times a week as well or am i using all 2/3 combined? As for the clarasonic, is there one you recommend, and did you break out at the beginning from using it? Thanks so much for your advice, I just want to get control of this situation.

      2. I totally get it. You will get this under control, trust me. Don’t use the retinol cream mixed with antibac. It will be too harsh. In fact, use abtibac in the mornings when you’re not using retinol at night. You will be happy with the variety. Wrt clogging, Kate’s moisturizers are great. I felt Goat Milk was a bit clogging for me, but not the others. Clarisonic did not make me break out…

  4. Last questions i promise lol, should I use moisturizer after both the antibact and retinol? And would it be ok to use the antibac under makeup or will it be too much under makeup? Not that I wear a lot but if I do but when i get this under control I know sunscreen is a must and I def wear a primer so would I apply the antibac first?? followed by? Sorry so many q’s,

    1. It’s no problem at all; I love the questions!

      1. Moisturizer after Anti-Bac and Retinol: YES and NO. Use a moisturizer after the anti-bac, but the Retinol Night Cream is a moisturizer, so you don’t need to use the moisturizer on the nights you use your Retinol cream.
      2. Anti-bac under makeup: YES, totally fine and necessary.
      3. Anti-bac first: YES. I would use one small squirt of Anti-Bac with your moisturizer, then put on your primer and your makeup. Glad to hear you’re wearing sunblock. Did you know that Kate launched a new CC cream that has spf 50 in it? Check it out, girl…

      I can’t wait to hear what you think once you try this stuff. :)

      1. I am going to purchase today:) How long did it take to see improvement with your blackheads, how have they improved? I have so many that are small but all over my nose, I am just afraid i am going to be left with a bunch of little holes:/ Thanks again and I will be checking out her cc cream :)

      2. Think of your pore as a cone. As it fills up with oil, it gets bigger on top at the surface. When you exfoliate, it’s like you’re shaving the surface off, which inevitably shrinks the size. Here, picture an ice cream sugar cone. Imagine if you took a knife and cut it in half, horizontally. The hole on the “new” top would be much smaller because it’s a cone. So what I’m saying is that your pores will shake out nicely. Exfolikate is a fantastic exfoliator, and Kate’s Detox face wash will exfoliate too. Of course the Clarisonic exfoliates amazingly.

        You’ll see improvements right away. Just don’t get overzealous with the products and make your skin red and sore by overdoing it. Just be a little patient, and you’ll see results in a week. But please keep in mind that you can’t stop using the Clarisonic and products. I did not bring my Clarisonic with me over Thanksgiving, and even in those four days without it, I noticed that my blackheads got much worse. Now, they’re back to normal. Yay!

        And one thing they won’t love me saying is that I believe in extractions… squeezing. Ick, I know it’s gross, but that’s actually the only way to remove the pesky ones. Just be gentle and do it after a steamy shower so you don’t leave red marks on your face.

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