Super Bowl XLVI: Giants vs. New England–New York Giants win

Football cupcakes

Lucky Duck makes the cupcakes.

I wait all year for The Super Bowl. It’s one of the best shows on TV. You have four quarters of American football, two patriotic ballads sung by celebs, one half time performance, a flurry of interesting commercials, AND you’re supposed to eat yummy food that’s not on the New Year’s resolution diet plan! How can you go wrong?

We’re all Giants fans over here

My family owns a bar in New Jersey called Jackie Keelen’s; we’re Giants fans in our family. It got pretty nerve racking at the end when Brady threw that long pass into the end zone… Wow, what a game! As the game ended on a Giants victory, the camera panned the box where Eli Manning’s parents were sitting, and Mike recognized a guy we work with sitting in the box with them!

The commercials disappointed

While I’m thrilled with the outcome and my football ducky cupcakes, I’m disappointed with the commercials. Nothing really struck me as being especially brilliant or funny. The E Trade baby came on and had a skit in a maternity ward where another baby was “speed dating.” You can never go wrong with the E Trade baby, but I feel that I’ve seen that commercial before.

MIA flips the bird during Madonna’s half time show

I hope that I’m as hot as Madonna when I’m 50. She looked great as she came out of the smoke in a Greek goddess costume. Never mind she almost fell at one point and wore a microphone while she pretended to sing live. But it was a pretty good show.

LMFAO made an appearance, along with Nicki Minaj, MIA (who flipped off America on TV), and Cee Lo Green.

And the MVP goes to…

Eli Manning! He walked away with the keys to a brand new black Camaro! It’s not Microsoft Project Detroit, but it was pretty sweet.

Happy Super Bowl!!

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