Bella Umbrella, now in Seattle by Pike’s Market

Duck umbrellas at Bella Umbrella

Lucky Duck wants the green one!

Jodell Egbert has one of the best businesses in Seattle. She created Bella Umbrella Inc. in 2002, and I’ve been a fan and customer for years. Today, as I was walking up from Pike’s Market, I was so thrilled to see the new Bella Umbrella location, on the corner of Pine and 1st Ave! It’s DEFINITELY worth checking out, and if you don’t live in Seattle, check out her website – she ships!

Bella Umbrella in downtown Seattle

Bella Umbrella in downtown Seattle

Bella Umbrella in downtown Seattle

Buy a beautiful Pagoda umbrella

The Bella Pagoda umbrella is designed by Jodell. I love the pagoda umbrellas so much that I own four umbrellas and seven handles. Because the handles twist on and off, you can mix and match. I love the big jewel at the bottom of each handle. I’ve gifted two.

Today, I bought the Black and White Striped Pinwheel Pagoda Umbrella, and I picked a RED handle! The umbrella will also look great with the black, white, and hot pink handles that I already have.

Shannon Harms at Bella Umbrella in downtown Seattle

Shannon Harms at Bella Umbrella in downtown Seattle

Bella Umbrella Striped Pinwheel Pagoda Umbrella

I wasn’t surprised that within 10 minutes of owning my new Pagoda umbrella, strangers in Nordstrom were complimenting it like crazy. I told them where to go. Every time I wear (yes, wear, not use; this is truly a top-notch accessory) my Bella Umbrella, I get compliments. Always.

But there are lot of options

There are lots of different styles of umbrellas that you can buy. I actually bought a compact Badgley Mischka umbrella from Jodell a few years ago. She carries vintage styles that you can rent for your wedding or special event. She has beautiful lace parasols and adorable kids umbrellas. You can even buy wholesale in bulk.

If it’s good enough for Carrie Bradshaw…

The magenta Pagoda umbrella that I have was actually made for the movie Sex in the City 2. Sarah Jessica Parker saw a Bella Umbrella Pagoda umbrella in a magazine, and the costume designer got Jodell to create a pink one for the movie. So of course I bought that one. That was an easy sell.


Bella Umbrella
1535 1st Avenue #8
Seattle, WA 98101



Sites: and

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  1. Thanks for this great write-up! I’ll visit the new location today! I’ve always wanted a pagoda umbrella and after seing Johnny Depp under one in Dark Shadows, I was doubly insipred to get one.

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