Happy Father’s Day, to my fun Dad!

Superhero wrapping paper and Lego Avengers

Lucky Duck teams up with The Avengers and The Justice League to say Happy Father’s Day.

Superheroes is always a great theme for Father’s Day. Dads are heroes, and I love gifting symbolic gifts. And, if the gift can bring a sense of nostalgia, that’s a bonus! When I saw Skeletor on this very, very cool wrapping paper, I knew it was a big win.

He-Man, Skeletor, and SLIME!

Kristen, Dad, and I used to play with our He-Man action figures all the time when we were little. Dad bought us the slime, and we’d slime the heck out of each other and our toys. Of course we inevitably slimed the carpet too. Mom would freak out a little. Can’t picture it? Here, watch this old commercial of the He-Man Evil Horde Slime Pit:

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! ThunderCats! Ho!

We also loved doing our “ThunderCats” chant. Dad would say, “Thunder!” Then Kristen would say, “Thunder!” Then I would say, “Thunder!” And we’d all say “ThunderCats! Ho!” in unison… and laugh and laugh like it was the funniest thing we had ever heard. Here’s the opening credits and theme song to ThunderCats, to show you what I mean.

Professional Wrestling, WWF style

We’d watch WWF and GLOW on the weekends, and then we’d reenact The Nature Boy Ric Flair’s signature figure four leglock, among other professional wrestling holds. (Sorry, Kris, for accidentally breaking your ankle that one time I jumped off the top rope.) We’d also play with our WWF action figures. My favorite was Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Our WWF action figures - Rowdy Roddy Piper and The Iron Sheik

But you know, even though we played with He-Man, ThunderCats, and WWF figures, my dad loved that we were girly girls too. I didn’t play with baby dolls EVER, but I loved playing with fashion dolls. Think Barbie (Barbie Ferrari, Barbie mansion, Barbie fashion, Barbie Ranch, Barbie pool – I had all of them). And the blond Honey Combs doll in my arms above.

Playing on our Wet Banana

My dad would set up our Wet Banana on a little hill in our backyard and get right out there with us.

My dad, Kris, and me on the Wet Banana

Playing on the Wet Banana

Finding any place to play

We loved to play outside with our dad. We’d go bike riding at Manchester State Park, go swimming at Horseshoe Lake, play ball out in the yard, hang from his arms like he was a human jungle gym, do scavenger hunts and obstacle courses, and play in the snow!

Playing with my dad in the snow

After he served in the Navy, my dad was a mailman when we lived in Keansburg, New Jersey. I’d play in his mail bag, and we’d play at the Keansburg Boardwalk.

Playing in my dad's mail bag

Playing at the Keansburg Boardwalk

Lessons from Dad that changed my life

  • It’s ok to go for what you want in life. I mentioned that we were really into WWF… Well, once, my dad took Kris and me to the Tacoma Dome to see WWF in real life. Wow, that was pretty big. After The Junkyard Dog won his match, they were letting kids go up in the ring and dance with him. I remember saying, “Daddy, I want to do that!” And he said that if I wanted to, I should. I have no idea why my dad let a second grader run all the way down there all alone, but he did. And as a result, I had my moment in the ring with The JYD; and, I learned at that moment that it was actually pretty easy to go for what you want in life.
  • If all you have to do is prepare, there’s no reason not to be awesome. I remember in Elementary School I had those spelling tests where you get the words on Monday, and then you get tested on Friday. My dad said something that I still remember, and I’ve applied  it throughout my life. He told me that I should get 100% on every spelling test because I know every answer before the test, and all I have to do is prepare for it. He literally “made” me get 100% on my spelling tests. I have to be one of the most prepared people on the planet.
  • If you set out to do something, go all out. That, I learned by example. On one occasion, my sister asked my dad to put a basketball hoop on the garage, so that we could shoot hoops. Well, my dad poured concrete, put up a full sized hoop, mounted a telephone pole with a light on top, and laid the electric to illuminate a half court out in the back yard (ahem, the whole neighborhood)! We played a fun game of H.O.R.S.E.

Thank you, Dad!

My dad has loved me my whole life, and he was a fantastic dad. I’m really lucky to have grown up with his love, attention, and affection. Thanks, Dad! I love you!

My dad and me

My dad and me

My dad and me (that totally doesn't look like me!)

This is sweet, but I kind of look like a boy, don't I?

This cracks me up; what is that face I'm making?

Loved big hair at birth

My dad and me

Dad and me

Dad, Kris, and me at the Keansburg Boardwalk

Dad, Kris, and Me at Easter

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  1. what a great tribute for you Kerry, those pics brought back memories for myself as well, I have pretty much the same shot of Kenny holding my first daughter laying on the couch sleeping in those same too short gym shorts….lol (his were white)

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