Sneak preview of Debbie Macomber’s new book: The Inn at Rose Harbor, the first in a new series, set in Cedar Cove

Debbie Macomber The Inn at Rose Harbor

Lucky Duck read the Advanced Reader’s Edition of Debbie Macomber’s new book, The Inn at Rose Harbor  – and the novel is truly fantastic and quite beautiful.

The Inn at Rose Harbor is Debbie’s newest book, and it also kicks off a new series that takes place in Cedar Cove! I was honored to receive an advanced copy, and I loved every second reading it.

What it’s about

Cedar Cove is graced with a new set of characters who will warm your heart. Occasionally, your favorite characters from the Cedar Cove series will pop up like Easter eggs, and that’s a lot of fun too.

In The Inn at Rose Harbor, Jo Marie Rose is harboring the grief of losing her husband in an accident that happened in Afghanistan with his fellow Rangers on April 27th. (A quick sentimental digression: Debbie’s great-grandmother and her mother were named Rose. Her daughter’s name is Jody Rose, and her granddaughter’s name is Madeline Rose. Debbie’s son, Ted, was an Army Ranger. My birthday is April 27th.)

Jo Marie comes to Cedar Cove, buys a Bed & Breakfast, and names it The Inn at Rose Harbor, as a tribute to her husband Paul Rose. She believes that by providing guests comfort, that she might be able to find joy again herself. Jo Marie’s first two guests, Josh and Abby, are broken when they arrive at The Inn. You come to learn that people go to The Inn at Rose Harbor to heal and to find joy. And as the feel-good novel concludes, you meet the next set of visitors who will stay at The Inn in the next book in the series.

The novel is wonderful, and I loved reading it

The Inn at Rose Harbor is beautiful and touching from beginning to end. I cried several times and found myself thinking about my own life in very deep and meaningful ways. Debbie can magically reach into your soul and inspire you to reflect with purpose. To me, this is one of Debbie’s most wonderful and unique gifts as a writer.

How this book and Debbie Macomber touched my heart

Debbie Macomber signed my book

First, I was invited to The Inn. When I opened my Advanced Reader’s Edition, I saw that Debbie had inscribed my copy. It was such a special moment of surprise and delight.

With work, insecurities, responsibilities, and everything going on 24/7, life is hard. Isn’t it? I know that I don’t allow myself to reflect enough on what’s really important, like Love, Faith, Family, Friendship, and Joy. When I read this book, I couldn’t help but to think on those gifts, and it made me feel happy.

A Debbie moment that brought me home

In one well-written scene, Debbie’s character, Abby, stands on a familiar porch and gets flooded with memories of people and places she once knew, but will never be again. The scene is so well written, that I couldn’t stop myself from pausing to think about what would flood through my mind if I went home and stood on the porch that I grew up on… and I cried.

Oh, I was on an airplane, sitting in a middle seat. Don’t mind me, dude on my left, or girl on my right… I’m just remembering that snowman that I made with my dad, trick-or-treating with my sister, breaking up with my first love, my mom teaching me how to pull the car out of the driveway…

I was so thankful that Debbie helped me to go deep into my heart to pull out some of the most precious memories I own.

Read the book and enjoy your stay

It will surely bring you peace; and, if you need it, I know that The Inn at Rose Harbor will help you heal. So, read the book, and enjoy your stay. I sure did.

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