Conception, by Ed in Santa Monica, just got my 4th custom order

Shannon Harms at Zebra Club Fashion Show

Lucky Duck loves Conception creations, so much that we’ve placed our 4th order today.

A look at my favorite top, that Ed made me last year

This black flowy Conception top was a huge hit on the red carpet of The Zebra Club Fashion Show last Fall. I had just flown in from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, where I had tooled around town in the same piece. It went over just as well in NY as it did here. Ed, Conception’s designer, can’t miss with this design!

Here’s a quick video of me in my room at The Empire explaining what’s going on with the very cool top.

And here’s the top in action, as Kristen and I enjoy a Cuban meal in the City.

Order #1: My new psychedelic caftan

Ed texted me this picture to share his newest caftan design, which I immediately ordered. I can picture myself wearing this in the late Summer/Fall timeframe, up on a breezy terrace, with a pair of strappy heels, holding a glass of wine.

Conception design

Order #2: Little Mermaid will work, please

And then, on a whim, I asked Ed if he had anything Maritime inspired. (You may remember that I’m into the anchor sweatshirt these days.) Ed said that he had only ONE of my favorite flowy tops in a green coral print, and it was my size. He was showing it later that day on the runway at a fashion show in San Francisco.

I took it! I’ll be Little Mermaid this Summer, and I can already envision the eye makeup and accessories that I will do to play this up!

Conception design

But wait! Flowy top is also a dress?

Yes indeed, this is true. All you do is pull it down over your hips to enjoy a mini dress.

Conception design

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a shot of me in the Conception top, at the Hard Rock Fashion Show in Seattle. It’s the same pattern, just in the colorful Cruise Line collection.

Shannon Harms and Kristen Blush at Hard Rock Cafe Fashion Show

Here’s a look at me wearing this as a dress in New York City during Fashion Week. Sorry in advance for the despair in the video, for having not gotten an invitation to Tommy Hilfiger’s party…

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