Fourth of July at Gas Works on Lake Union


Lucky Duck uses the BBQ for the first time ever on the 4th of July.

Lake Union is always abuzz on the Fourth of July. This year, we got lucky – it’s actually sunny out! I live right on the Lake. The fireworks barge and Gas Works Park are just out my window, which means that I have a fantastic view of the fireworks, and can hear all the hoopla at Gas Works Park.


BBQing was not my only first this Fourth of July

Around 2:00, I decided that I should go for a run, and I wanted to take some photos of the Seattle skyline. So I grabbed my Windows Phone and set off for Gas Works Park, where I would experience firsthand, what Fourth of July on Lake Union is all about!

Oh no, I’m not going to do that

As I approached the park, sweaty from my first 2 miles, the line to get in wrapped. And wrapped. And wrapped. It had to be over a half hour wait to get in.


I decided that since I’m a local, had no plans to stay, and had no bag or cooler to inspect, that I should just walk in. So I did. I kinda worried that I’d get yelled at, but my plan was solid. I figured that if I flashed a smile and pretended that I had to use the restroom really bad, that they’d just wave the runner in. No one said a word, and I just walked in. Cool.

Thank you to the sponsors – Microsoft being one of them


Microsoft Store has presence – yes!

I was thrilled to see that the Microsoft Store was manning the Microsoft booth inside! Kids were playing Xbox 360, swag was being distributed left, right, and center. Expert Store Associates were mingling and showing off some awesome products!


I immediately recognized Melinda, the Store Manager of the University Village Microsoft Store. I didn’t look great, after having run my first two miles, but still asked Melinda for a picture.


The hill at Gas Works

It wasn’t body to body at 2:00, like it is now. (I can see out my window, yikes!) But it was filling in, and The Statue of Liberty head was in full effect.


Games, food, and rides make the wait for fireworks fun

They’ve done a great job setting up a miniature carnival of sorts at Gas Works. I had no idea that there would be so much to do.




Look at this little buddy I found!


I also found one of these! (I have one of these from the University Village Microsoft Store grand opening.)


The views are spectacular

No matter how long I’ve lived here, I never get tired of how beautiful the Seattle skyline is against the Lake.


Happy Fourth of July, Everybody! Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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