Be careful what you wish for


Lucky Duck wishes on a magic lamp, and it came true.

Ever since I was about 20 years old, I’ve dreamed of living in New York City. I love New York, and over the last year, I’ve blogged about some fantastic New York trips that meant a lot to me.

Last month, I was writing a card out to a friend of mine, and I remember writing something to the effect of, “I’ve got to get out of Seattle,” a statement I’ve made many times over. About a week and a half later, everything changed in my life, and I knew that now was the time.

Scary! But how cool.

I have a personal philosophy that when one thing in my life clears away, I have an opportunity to fill that space with something even better! And it’s on me to make it happen. Nobody owes me anything. It’s my job to identify what it is that I want, design an execution plan, grow a thick skin, and hit the pavement.

And I found myself in New York

I booked a ticket out to New York City, and I just extended it to stay another week. It’s going well! I’ve had several informationals, a couple of interviews, a great call with a broker, and the best is yet to come this week! I just know it.

As I’ve been working on my relocation, I’ve been having a lot of fun with my sister and my friends. For example, I had an amazing pizza on my first night in town and watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games!

New York Pizza

I walked a huge street fair along Madison Avenue and bought a really cute duck pencil.

Duck pencils at Madison Street Fair

I went to Coney Island for the first time …

Shannon Harms at Coney Island

… and I sat in the front car on The Cyclone!

Front car on The Cyclone at Coney Island

I even watched a New York City rain storm from the window of a romantic spot in Chelsea called Tipsy Parson.

Write a new story, and then go do that

A friend from college reminded me of a quote that I shared with her a while ago. We were out, and I was giving her some advice, when I suddenly blurted out, “Write a new story, and then go do that.”

I decided that my story is going to be that at 33 years old, I packed up all of my fashion and moved to New York City in the Fall of 2012. While I’m there, I plan to do meaningful work, stay out late once in a while, meet very cool people, keep a hot apartment, be happy, and become “A New Yorker.”

If you watch the video above, you’ll see that I’m doing fine. In fact, I’m doing great, and I can’t wait to see what kind of life I can carve out for myself in New York City!

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  1. Since the day we met at the age of five I’ve have known you were put here to do amazing things. You have always been someone who desires more. I love that about you. I couldn’t be happier for you Shannon. I am so excited to see what you do next. XOXO

  2. Happy for you m’dear friend though will of course miss you nearby! :’) We can KIT though. You inspire me; I keep saying the same thing about another place! Love you and let me know when you’re in the PNW if you’ve time to meet…or I’ll hit you up if in the east coast! Love you! Dena

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