Highlights from week 1 in New York City

Shannon Harms in Manhattan

Lucky Duck takes on Manhattan.

It’s still a bit surreal that my ZIP is 10011. I’ve been in New York for a week, and I love it. To mark my one-week anniversary, I went out to The Standard Hotel tonight with Melissa, JeNeSeQua Extraordinaire, also a recent transplant from Seattle. We celebrated at The Standard Grill, toasting our new lives in New York with The High Line Fling.

Shannon Harms in Manhattan

Then we hung out with a bunch of new friends in The Standard Hotel Beer Garden. Here’s a live report from the festivities.

Working out my new apartment

But don’t let the video fool you; I have not been carousing the city all week long. I’ve honestly been trying to get my apartment ready for the enormous amount of boxes that will be arriving around Labor Day.

  • My sister helped me clean, and we took the IKEA ferry! We got some fabulous curtains, and she lugged a very heavy mirror around Manhattan for me.

IKEA ferry

  • My wonderful neighbor swapped the door hinges on my refrigerator, so that the doors open more conveniently in my kitchen. He also gave me his WiFi password and a bottle of wine.
  • I went through three showerheads, cleaned up a small flood, and finally figured out a nozzle that will work.
  • I carried a floor lamp over three quarters of a mile home. My broker happened to be in Chelsea, and she snapped a photo to prove it.

Shannon Harms in Manhattan

  • I bought furniture at Macy’s on 34th street, ordered some other items at Overstock.com, and put together my bedframe.

My new bed

  • I got a Taxi driver to shove these dining chairs in the back of his van. I even got him to unload them for me!

My new dining chairs

  • I spent over two hours in The Container Store and made at least seven trips to Bed Bath and Beyond. How is this even possible?!
  • My yard looked pretty clean, but I went out to rearrange the lanterns and sweep up some stuff. In spite of a valid effort, still no outdoor furniture or lights. Got to get on that for Fall!

My backyard

Working out a new social calendar

It’s wonderful living so close to my sister. We’ve been doing a little of everything together.

  • I love hanging out in Red Hook with her. The views are spectacular, and the restaurants there give Manhattan a fair shake of competition: Fort Defiance, The Lobster Pound, Baked, The Good Fork, Homemade…

View from Red Hook

  • One night in SoHo, we were on our way to get a beer and instead opted for organic, energy boosting smoothies.


  • Kristen and I have had a couple of romantic meals, one of which was at one of my favorite places in Chelsea – La Bottega.

La Bottega

  • I attended Larry’s 40th birthday party, and I had the most wonderful time. Larry’s a new friend, and I was honored to be invited to his milestone bash. I made some new friends there too!

Larry Birthday

  • On my way out the door to Larry’s party, I stepped out onto my stoop and met two men who were parking their car in front. We got to chatting, and they invited me to a birthday brunch in Park Slope the next day. I totally went, and thrilled that I did! 1) The subway ride taught me about Local vs. Express (haha!) 2) The NICEST people on the planet and another wonderful circle of friends. 3) I met my new massage therapist – a woman named Holly who comes from The Ritz-Carlton.
  • I met my new hairstylist who works right across the street, and the salon seemed to really like me. At one point, one of the other stylists recognized me on the sidewalk and said hi. Doesn’t sound like much, but I thought it was cool.

Coming up this week

It’s a big week because it’s my last week “off” before diving into my new job! I can’t wait to get started on my assignments; it’s going to be FUN and a huge challenge. Yay!

  • My new boss, Marco, and I are going to meet up for coffee and go over my NDA.
  • My mattress is arriving.
  • My chartreuse couch is arriving.
  • My dining table is arriving.
  • Three big floor rugs are arriving.
  • Bedding is arriving.
  • My boxes “might” be arriving. They BETTER… this moving company is ticking me off.
  • I’m buying a TV and hopefully what I need for my yard.
  • I’m attending the Sweets and Bitters launch party in Brooklyn.
  • I’m doing laundry for the first time.
  • I promise to be better about hitting the West Side Highway for my runs along the river.
  • Do something FUN.

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  1. What a week! You’ve done a lot — and managed to have fun too. It’s a lot of work getting set up but it’s worth it. You’re practically a regular in the neighborhood. So glad you’ve met so many cool new friends and that your sis is close by. xoxo ~jean

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