Yoko Ono is honored for “Imagine There’s No Hunger” campaign in Manhattan

Yoko Ono honored in Manhattan

Lucky Duck meets Yoko Ono, an icon.

I was very lucky to attend a gala last night to celebrate Yoko Ono’s Chapin Humanitarian Award. The plated dinner service, concert, and ceremony took place at Chelsea Piers in New York City, not far from where I live.

The gala dinner supported Ono’s effort to end world hunger

And I was touched to be a part of it. The night Simon and I were out until 3 am singing karaoke in Korea Town, I met a great person who owns the Irish Pub close by (which is voted Best Beer Bar in NYC). His cousin has worked extensively with Yoko and was being honored as well. I was a guest at the event, not a reporter!

Art Beat

Check out whyhunger.org

I came straight from work and immediately felt guilty for saying, “I’m starving!” as I grabbed a glass of Chardonnay. I really enjoyed learning about WhyHunger and was in complete awe of the passion in the room.

Food is a right, not a privilege. Join us to ensure everyone has access to healthy food and no one goes to bed hungry. – Bill Avres, Executive Director & Co-Founder

Shannon Truax Step and Repeat Yoko Ono Event

 Plated dinner service at Yoko Ono event

Special cocktail at Yoko Ono event

Shannon and Geri are new BFFs

The swag bag is generous – I want to share mine

I’m going to keep the full sized bottle of Philosophy 3 in 1 wash, but I have a limited edition “Imagine” teddy bear and Hard Rock t-shirt. If you’re a big Beatles fan (Ricky, you get first dibs!) and are interested in either of these, let me know!


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