Nyan Cat Online Store is open for business


Lucky Duck checks out Nyan Cat merchandise first hand, with Chris Torres.

Chris Torres, the inventor and creator behind Nyan Cat, has brought our favorite meme to life! Chris showed me a few top sellers a couple of weeks ago, when we were dining at La Bottega in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. I love his new line of awesome Nyan Cat merchandise, available here: http://www.nyan.cat/store.php.

Thank you for the goodies, Chris!

Chris sent over a package that completely blew me away! I love my killer wallet and pink Nyan Cat tee shirt! And Kristen loves her dark colored Nyan Cat tee shirt.

There is more to go around

Chris sent me a few extra things to gift out to a few lucky Lucky Duck readers. If you’d like something in Fireside Chat #20, like Lucky Duck on Facebook! and let me know.

A little bit about Nyan Cat

With almost 100 Million views, the Nyan Cat YouTube sensation earned Meme of the Year last year. Here is Chris, accepting his Webby.

Chris Torres wins the Webby for Meme of the Year last year

Blush Photo photographs Nyan Cat’s first birthday

My sister, Kristen, owner of Blush Photo, photographed Nyan Cat’s first birthday party: http://blushphoto.net/blog/photos-of-nyan-cats-birthday-party/

Here is my favorite shot from the fete – Nyan Cat’s manager, Ben Lashes, with Chris, by Blush Photo.

ben lashes and chris torres

Lucky Duck blogs on the Pop-up Shop in NYC

Around Christmastime, Nyan Cat opened up a popup shop in New York City’s Lower East Side. We went to the Space Party that kicked off the shop’s debut on Opening Night.

Chris Torres and Shannon Truax

While hanging out with the crew, Scumbag Steve gave me his internet-famous hat, and they all named me Scumbag Shannon. Who knew that memes could be so nice!?

Meme Scumbag Steve and I play at Nyan Cat's party

Scumbag Shannon

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