Living and working in New York City


Lucky Duck checks out the first non-Washington State ID in my entire life.

Today was the kind of day where I said to myself, “Wow, living in New York is pretty sweet.” Things just clicked, and the energy in the City was good for me today. It started by waking up in Chelsea with my sister, Kristen, who spent the night after True Blood’s Season Premiere last night. I made coffee and Greek yogurt and had fun getting ready with her.

My New York State ID arrived

I’ve never lived anywhere besides Washington, so it’s very unusual and exciting for me to see my face on a New York ID. It sounds hokey I’m sure, but seeing this actually changed something in me. Yeah, I’ve been living here for nearly a year, but there’s something about getting that ID that proudly displays that:

a. I officially have a new name.

b. I officially am a New Yorker.

c. I potentially have too much bleach in my hair right now.

d. I officially am an organ donor, like always. BE AN ORGAN DONOR!

Working at the #1 Digital Network in the World

The C train came quickly today, and I was at work by 9 am, getting my desk set up with a new monitor, keyboard, docking station, and folders. My morning flew, and then I was very lucky to have a lunch meeting with one of my vendors and partners. Outside of the awesome work and strategy conversation, I found out that they have someone to “introduce” me to! I also get training on the new tools, followed by Happy Hour. Now this is getting fun.

Here is the view that I had of Columbus Circle and Central Park as I ate a yummy salad and pasta, sipping elderflower iced tea.



Of course it only took 30 seconds to get back to my office, where I worked hard until after 7 pm. Ad agencies pull long hours in New York, but New York is really weird about time. It somehow flies here, like you can’t even imagine. The “New York Minute” has a whole new meaning to me.

Going for a run at sunset and running into someone

Now that my leg is feeling better, I can run again! I got out for a 4.5 mile run and enjoyed gorgeous views of the City from the West Side Highway.



As I approached my apartment, I literally ran into Badgley Mischka’s PR lead, who actually lives on my street. Such a wonderful coincidence that the person who extended that ticket to me for Fashion Week years ago is my neighbor in New York City. Wild.

When I got home, I made myself a shrimp salad and a piece of wheat toast with – get this – Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter on it. YUM. Then I did some blogging for the biggest appliance manufacturer in the world, one of my several side projects. I also emailed back and forth with one of my favorite people in the City and played a movie in the background.

So that’s a day in the life

And it was a good one. What an opportunity to be out here doing all this.

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