Kristen’s Five Day Birthday Bash: WA DC and NYC

Happy Birthday to Kris, from The Four Seasons Washington DC

Lucky Duck and The Four Seasons wish Kristen a very happy birthday!

There was no shortage of celebration this weekend. Between Kristen’s birthday and The Fourth of July, there was a lot of great fun going on in Washington DC and New York City for the Truax sisters. But first, let me raise a glass to my best friend in the world. Ever since she came home from Riverview Hospital, my whole life changed. Kristen, I love you!!

Baby Kristen and Shannon

A Fourth of July pre-funk, Chez Shannon

Even though I had company coming at 7pm, I worked until 6:30 and got home just in time. My sister saved the day. She had come over early with friends and got everything ready, and the food/drinks were phenomenal. Everyone seemed to have a great time at the party. I know that I did!


All Aboard! Next stop, Washington DC!

We woke up early and got out to Penn Station for a 10:30 train down to Washington DC. We wanted to celebrate America’s birthday in the Nation’s capital. I booked us the Bed & Breakfast package at The Four Seasons. In this video from inside our room, you’ll see what I’m most excited to do during my super-chic stay. I think you’ll be surprised.

We spent the day of the Fourth browsing through Georgetown and then ended up down at the Georgetown Waterfront to watch the big show. We were thrilled to have found the Spring Break of WA DC. It was hip, close to The Four Seasons, and not mobbed at all. In this video, you can see the crowd and the vibe.

After the big show, we were starved. It was hard to find a place that was open, and suddenly, Old Glory BBQ popped into our path. Yum. The PERFECT meal to end Fourth of July in Washington DC!

Old Glory BBQ WA DC

Monuments and oysters and a heat wave, oh my!

We knew that our Saturday would be the outdoor walking and bus tours of all the big stuff. So we got up early to enjoy a breakfast outside on The Four Season’s patio.

Four Seasons Patio

Our first stop was The Lincoln Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

And then we walked through The Mall towards the Washington Monument. Along the way, we observed the monuments for the different wars and celebrated the sacrifices that so many men and women have made for the country, and still make every day today.

WA Monument WWII Memorial

We went through The Smithsonian Castle, and then jumped up on the top level of a double decker tour bus.

Smithsonian Castle  Kris on the Big Bus  Jefferson Memorial

It was about 100 degrees, and were roasting. We got off the bus by The White House and had an awesome lunch at Occidental Grill, out on the patio, getting misted by water and fans. It was awesome. Here is a video of Kristen eating an oyster, and my commentary on the situation.

Dot Com for President

This past Fall, Kevin Brown gave me one of his Dot Com for President buttons, and I wore it loud and proud at The White House!

Hail to the duck

Later that night

One of my very best friends, Susan, lives in DC. She’s been to New York a couple of times to visit me this year, and it was awesome to be in her hood. She and I shared wine and mussels outside at the hotel and had a lovely visit. Before calling it a night, we made a new friend who was hanging out there too. Shocking how fun the encounter was!

The Smithsonian Portrait Museum is the best way to end our trip to DC

Kristen and I love art. Love it! We had several hours before the train and made it to the museum we were most interested in. I loved seeing Katherine Hepburn’s Oscar statues, as well as all of the elaborate paintings.

Katherine Hepburn Oscars  Portrait Museum

And as we were heading out on the train, look at what was parked out front.

Lucky Duck boat

Back in New York, it’s still a party

My friend Mark invited us out to PhD, the club on the roof of The Dream Hotel, which happens to be a short walk from my apartment. We couldn’t think of a better way to ring in Kristen’s birthday at midnight, than to be at a hot club. It was, after all, what we did for my birthday!

Mark and I celebrate Kris  Kris and I play at PhD

Curious what goes on inside of a New York City Club?

While at PhD, we met two new friends who were visiting from Louisiana, and they invited us to join them and two other friends for an elaborate and amazing dinner at Buddakan,

Pool party on the roof at Gansevoort Park

As our five day celebration was coming to an end, we lived it up on the roof of one of the hottest hotels in NYC, after a lovely brunch at Peels.

Shannon Truax and Kristen Blush

Our friends from Louisiana invited us out to the pool, and we splashed around for about four hours…

Shannon Truax at Gansevoort Park pool

Under The Empire State Building!

Shannon Truax at Gansevoort Park pool

Lucky Duck goes for a swim

Birthday Girl got silly and tossed Lucky Duck into the pool! The group of guys who were sitting next to us got involved, nearly pushed me in to save him, and participated in this video…

Happy birthday, Kris!

I know that this will be your BEST year ever. I love you, and I appreciate the many wonderful things you bring to my life every day.

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