Test driving the All-New Range Rover Sport

Lucky Duck drive the All-New Range Rover Sport

Lucky Duck gets behind the wheel of the All-New Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged.

It was an opportunity of a lifetime to be able to drive the 2014 Range Rover Sport, arguably the #1 SUV on the market. After my experience in the cockpit-style driver’s seat, I was asked to describe the one thing that stood out to me most. While I wanted to say, “Everything,” I knew I had to zero in on something more specific. There are so many things that I love about this vehicle – the 800 pound weight loss, the gorgeous interior, the capability on and off road – but what I loved was the way that driving the vehicle made me feel. I felt so badass, empowered, important, and unstoppable in this very sexy machine.

Lucky Duck drive the All-New Range Rover Sport

Course #1: The Drag Race

My first experience was a drag race straightaway that allowed me to push it as hard as I could, then lay on the brakes after crossing the green cones. I’ve never done anything like this before, and it felt a bit scary. I did, however, have full trust and faith in the vehicle, so I went for it!

Lucky Duck drive the All-New Range Rover Sport

My Land Rover Expert driving instructor told me that I could put my right foot on the gas and my left foot on the brake; then, when he lowered his arm, I was to take my foot off of the brake and fly. And that I did…

Here is a clip of me in the driver’s seat, blasting from 0-60 down the straightaway. At the end, you can see the power in the brakes. Look at what happens to my hair; it’s sick!

Course #2: The Auto-Cross

In this course, I experienced the handling of the vehicle firsthand. I was very impressed with how the All-New Range Rover Sport took the corners. I definitely felt very safe and knew that I would be able to maneuver the chaos of New York City urban streets in this vehicle.

The attention to detail that you expect from Land Rover

I can’t believe that something so capable on and off road can be so gorgeous on the inside. Land Rover definitely has design down. Someday, when I get a Range Rover of my own, I will likely pick light leather with contrasting dark stitching. Such tremendous attention to detail.

Lucky Duck drive the All-New Range Rover Sport

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