Twitter hosts #TwitterOnTap at The Standard Hotel


Lucky Duck toasts Summer 2013 with Twitter at The Standard Hotel rooftop.

Wow. Twitter knows how to throw a bash. As I walked in and immediately was greeted with champagne and a fresh crepe, I knew that the night was off to a great start.

We were thrilled to be enjoying a beautiful night on the roof of one of New York’s hottest locations.

#twitterontap #twitterontap #twitterontap



Love my new friends


Getting in to The Boom Boom Room

As I was leaving the killer event, I saw the heavily guarded door of The Boom Boom Room just ahead of me. Should I try to get in?! Of course…. and I did get in, based on my shoes. It’s magical in The Boom Boom Room. And, it’s one of THE most exclusive places in the city. Hands down.

Inside of The Boom Boom Room

Inside of The Boom Boom Room

View from the roof is breathtaking

The Boom Boom Room View

Little did I know, and I never could have imagined, that two new friends would buy me a very elaborate present to enjoy while getting to know each other.

Cristal in The Boom Boom Room

Cristal in The Boom Boom Room

After drinking our Cristal, we were treated to Buddakan for a very elaborate meal, fancy cab, port, and all the works. It was honestly a New York Minute that I will never forget.

Choose your own adventure

I was perfectly content leaving the Twitter party. My two new friends were amazing. Twitter threw a fab soiree. I loved my crepe. But as I walked out and saw that door to The Boom Boom Room, it was like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel.

When you approach the end of #TwitterOnTap, you walk out to the lobby and see a heavily guarded door in front of you. If you grab your coat and walk out with your friends, go to page 10. If you say goodbye to your friends and approach the guard, go to page 20.

Path #2 really worked out well for me last night. And what’s so weird is that that was the second time that a man bought me a bottle of Cristal in New York City, and the third time that I was randomly treated to Buddakan. New York is pretty cool. In a year, I’ve lined up so many New York Minutes… and I’m proud of that. It’s not an easy city.

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