My weekend in Maine

The Portland Head Light

Lucky Duck enjoys the view at The Portland Head Light.

I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in the Pine Tree State, thanks to my amazing host, who went out of his way to make sure that I had a blast.

Beautiful views at Cape Elizabeth

Cape Elizabeth was the perfect way to begin my very special weekend in Maine. When I pictured a Maine lighthouse in my head, this is exactly what I pictured. The real thing didn’t disappoint.

The grounds were truly spectacular, and the duck sandwich at Food & Wine Mag noted, Duck Fat, was delish!

The Portland Head Light Fort Williams Duck fat

A real fireside chat

My wonderful host chopped firewood in advance of my visit and bought me ingredients to make smores – all in the name of giving me, for the very first time, an authentic fireside chat! Here, he serves as my cameraman, while my friend and I chat fireside.

Fresh Maine lobstahs, straight from the lobster pound

Everything on my bucket list was coming true, left, right and center – and Maine lobsters really are as good as I’ve heard. We went to a lobster pound and picked our lobsters out of a huge tank.

Before After
Maine Lobsters Maine Lobsters

Huevos Rancheros for breakfast before we go shopping

Anyone who will cook with me is awesome, in my book. After some serious grocery shopping and recipe searching, look at what I got on my first morning waking up in Maine! Lucky me.

Before After
Making breakfast Huevos Rancheros


Following a happy plate, I was taken shopping in L.L. Bean’s flagship and outlet mall. I bought a super hot North Face black jacket and some other odds and ends.

LL Bean flagship LL Bean flagship

My favorite souvenir is from The Salty Lobster

As I mentioned, Maine lobsters have been on my bucket list for years, so you can imagine my pure delight when I wandered into The Salty Lobster and found this bracelet, photographed in my selfie below, all decked out in maritime garb. It is made from legitimate nautical rope, lobster rubber bands, and marine grade hardware. It came in a bait bag used in lobstering. Made in Maine. Yes! If you’re interested in finding a piece like this for yourself, check out their website ( or shoot them an email at

My maritime outfit

The Cumberland Country Fair

My timing couldn’t have been better. I was able to attend the Cumberland County Fair!

I visited livestock, saw a 500 pound pumpkin, ate a huge pickle, and won the horse racing stand. Sadly, I didn’t win the raffle for the freezer-ready pig.

Cumberland County Fair in Maine Cumberland County Fair in Maine Cumberland County Fair in Maine
Cumberland County Fair in Maine Cumberland County Fair in Maine Cumberland County Fair in Maine

A surprise in my bag

When I got home the next morning, I was fishing some items out of my oversized carryall, and look at what was slipped in there to surprise me. On the back was a very thoughtful note.

My surprise card

A big thank you, from the bottom of my heart

It was an incredible weekend, and I am deeply touched that somebody went through so much trouble to make sure that I had an amazing vacation in Maine. My bucket list was not disappointed, and this was truly the greatest way to end an incredible month overall.

Cumberland County Fair in Maine


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