On top of spaghetti in Da Marino and la mia cucina

Shannon Truax at Da Marino

Lucky Duck enjoys an Italian meal in The Theater District in New York City.

Katrina treated me to a wonderful meal tonight on 49th St. and Broadway at Da Marino. You might recognize this as the Sex In The City Carrie/Big date spot, or as The Book of Mormon’s next door neighbor.

See what’s inside Da Marino

Da Marino Entrance Inside Da Marino

See what’s inside my boxes

When I got in from my wonderful evening with Katrina, I had two huge boxes waiting for me in my foyer.

Spoiler Alert below

Zevia surprised me! THANK YOU ZEVIA!!

Zevia Soda

Zevia in my kitchen

I am so excited to try all of these new flavors and report back on which one’s my favorite. That is, IF I can pick one! One thing I do know for sure is that my New York friends will be able to share Zevia with me during my next Chelsea soiree Chez Shannon. Yum.

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