Winning the Haier Slogan Contest

Update 10/20 6:15 pm: Well I didn’t waste any time! My wine collection is all built out, and the fridge is full.

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Shannon Truax wins the Haier Slogan Contest

Lucky Duck cools off in his newest appliance — the Haier 12 bottle capacity Dual Zone Wine Cellar.

Back in June, I came across the Haier Smarter Life Better Planet blog and started reading about a chance to win a trip to China. To enter was easy; all I had to do was write a slogan for the company. I’m a writer! Why not?

My winning submission

It boiled down to four simple words: Reliability built right in.

My Haier submission

The great news

An email was sent to me this summer saying that I had won an honorable mention and could pick any Haier appliance I wanted, valued at $600! Could this really be true? Is it a joke? No, it’s also posted on the wire, on the likes of Yahoo! Finance. I was pretty sure that it was legit.

I thought long and hard, and I elicited the opinions of others. Should I mount a TV in my bedroom? Did I want to rethink my position on microwaves? The aha! moment came to me – a dual temperature wine fridge!! Now THAT is clearly something that I would use in New York City and has been something that I always wanted. I took a tape measure into my Chelsea kitchen and grabbed just the right dimensions that would fit next to my island on wheels and radiator.

My wine cellar arrives

I was in for most of the day yesterday and decided to get out in the evening for a couple of hours to go running at Equinox and pass through Chelsea Market to enjoy the Halloween decorations and get some dinner. When I got home a HUGE box was waiting for me at my front door!

After I pulled it in, I decided to take it back to my room to open it up via Fireside Chat #46.

Shannon Truax wins the Haier Slogan Contest Shannon Truax wins the Haier Slogan Contest

And I won the trip to China!

A couple of weeks after being notified of my honorable mention prize, I got another email asking if I would be available the week of July 27th to fly out to China to participate as a Haier Ambassador!! I actually made it to the final round!! Now, during this time, I was in the thick of it at my new job, so I had to decline, but WOW!!

Now it’s time to fill that cellar

I am so excited to go shopping across the street today at my neighborhood wine shop, so that I can fill this baby up. It may surprise some folks to hear that out of the 12 open slots, I could only organically fill two

… quite a shock for the gal who made it into the New York City Liquor Bible!

Some awesome mail lately

I’ve had a great run lately and feel like a loved Lucky Duck.

  1. A secret admirer sent a Keep Calm and Be a Princess mug, to make up for Mike tossing my lamp and Cinderella mug.
  2. Zevia sent 96 cans of soda and a tee shirt to celebrate my selection as their Certified Smart Person.
  3. Haier sent me a 12 bottle dual temp wine fridge.
  4. John Basedow emailed an invitation over to review another movie and attend Jacqueline Laurita’s Lasio event.
  5. David left a note and apples on my table at The Cosmopolitan to welcome me to Las Vegas.
  6. My Maine connection dropped a very thoughtful postcard in my bag on my way out.

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