Escape Plan Sneak Peek: #NewMediaStew Review Posted

Shannon Truax and John Basedow review Escape Plan

Lucky Duck reviews Escape Plan.

We all know that I love hosting with John Basedow on #NewMediaStew Movie in a Minute Review, and I had the chance to co-host for the third exciting time. John Basedow and I met in the Reserved Row at the AMC theater in Times Square

reserved section Times Square


… and we reviewed Escape Plan, the new action movie, starring two of our favorite movie icons.

Watch our review of Escape Plan


Pop Quiz: What am I doing in this clip?

  • A) Singing an oldie but goodie Whitney Houston ballad from The Bodyguard soundtrack.
  • B) Trying to convince John that we should sneak into the theater next door and squeeze in another Movie in a Minute Review.
  • C) Writing a check to send someone off indefinitely to an undisclosed location for tossing my lamp.

Reviewing Escape Plan

ANSWER: You’ll have to watch to find out!

My favorite scene in the movie

I will say that when the Land Rover vehicle made its way onto the big screen, I had a little moment of YAY!

Hm… I wonder why?

shannon on tumblr Strolling in the Village
Youtube cover Shannon Truax on Tumblr


We give it Four Stew Pots

That means it’s worth checking out! I honestly went into it thinking it would be a bit goofy and predictable, but I swear that when I say this, I’m being honest – Escape Plan was not predictable at all, and I really, really enjoyed it. I was as surprised as I was reviewing Don Jon, this is not a guys’ flick. It’s for everybody.

Number 1 - Sylvester Stallone Number 2 - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Number 3 - Great Great Buddy Movie Four Stew Pots

Much love and respect

Thank you so much for checking out John’s and my review and Escape Plan! Don’t forget to go to the #NewMediaStew watch page and leave your comments in the comments section.

Your culture has been popped

And because I know you’re wondering

YES, he’s THAT John Basedow.


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