Tommy Kendall talks about the Chicken Car, his favorite car to drive

Tommy Kendall and his chicken car El Gallo

Lucky Duck meets Tommy Kendall and El Gallo during an exclusive interview in Santa Monica.

I had the privilege of meeting Tommy Kendall after he won Land Rover’s special on Fox Sports 1, Driven: A Race Without Boundaries. The Four-time Trans-am Champion raced the All-New Range Rover Sport in four different locations, across five challenges, to take home the title and a brand new Range Rover Sport. He picked black. Nice.

It’s a week to celebrate the cars we love most

The LA Auto Show this week provided us the opportunity to connect and talk cars again, and this time, the impossible happened – I met El Gallo. Search “chicken car” on Google, and you’ll see that El Gallo is a way of life.

An exclusive interview with Tommy Kendall

Watch Tommy Kendall talk about a few of his vehicles – a very rare Mercedes, the All-New Range Rover Sport, and the one that is nearest and dearest to his heart, El Gallo.

El Gallo is a magical bird

My first encounter with El Gallo was almost supernatural… and while I was shocked, TK was completely unphased. Apparently, this is how his wingman rolls. El Gallo is parked at The Fairmont in Santa Monica, and right behind him was a construction dumpster, filled with large, odd debris; not the best backdrop for our interview. Just then, this huge truck pulls in, hooks up the dumpster, and pulls it away! Simultaneously, the valet pops into the Maserati next to El Gallo and drives it away, only to be replaced by a Range Rover Sport!

Outtakes of the dirty bird

Chicken Car

Shannon Truax and Tommy Kendall's Chicken Car

Reflection of El Gallo in a Range Rover Sport

El Gallo after hours


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