Grumpy Cat Birthday Party in NYC, sponsored by Friskies Party Mix

Grumpy Cat party hats made by Kristen Blush: Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cat! Our favorite feline turned two, and Friskies Party Mix threw a celebration worthy of the internet’s favorite meme. Although, from what I could tell, Grumpy thought it was #terrible. (NOTE: The hats pictured were handmade by my sister, Kristen Blush, who can be found at

Inside the party

Friskies and Grumpy Cat arranged quite an elaborate affair. I was greeted with the signature “Grumptini,” sprinkles and cherry floating colorfully in my glass. Passed snacks prefaced a delicious fish-inspired dinner menu. Magicians entertained, balloons were shaped, and faces were painted. I spent a lot of time in a boa in the interactive photo booth, but I definitely spent the most time at the step and repeat with Grumpy Cat, who slept peacefully and sweetly atop her birthday cake.


The Bosco photo booth snapped photos of guests with Grumpy, printing out selfie memes that you could take home. Pictured below, from left to right: My sister Kristen, Tabatha Bundesen, and Katrina.

Kristen and Shannon Truax attend Grumpy Cat 2nd birthday Shannon Truax and Tabatha Bundesen Katrina and Shannon attend Grumpy Cat 2nd birthday

Grumpy wakes up for cake and celebration

After watching a photo montage capturing all two years of Grumpy Cat’s life, we sang a special rendition of “Grumpy Birthday” in unison. Oddly, our guest of honor refused to smile.

Grumpy Cat birthday party

Grumpy Cat's birthday party


Personally meeting Grumpy Cat

It was surreal to be so moved by a pet. When you meet Grumpy Cat, it quickly becomes clear that you’re in the midst of a star. Honest. Grumpy is an insanely unique, beautiful, and sweet cat. The team doesn’t allow people to handle Grumpy Cat, which I really appreciated. She sits in her comfy, safe spot (atop a birthday cake tonight) and fans can stand next to her for a photo. The entire operation is completely safe, humane, and loving towards this precious pet. However, because I was an invited media outlet and the last interview of the night, I was lucky enough to spend some QT with Grumpy Cat in the greenroom.

Grumpy Cat and Shannon Truax

Shannon Truax with Grumpy Cat

Exclusive interview with Tabatha Bundesen

During my time in the greenroom, I had the chance to sit down with Grumpy Cat’s owner Tabatha Bundesen. We talked about Grumpy’s “special” and life after Grumpy fame. She also reveals the oddest things from fans, as well as her personal favorite Grumpy Cat merchandise. There is also a nod to our dual pants suits.

The Grumpy Cat Coffee is a favorite

Spoiler Alert: In her interview, Tabatha reveals that one of her favorite Grumpy Cat items is the coffee. And I can’t blame her. I enjoyed my Coffee flavored Grumppuccino and will eventually try Vanilla and Mocha.

Grumpy Cat Coffee Grumppuccino

I was so impressed with the first sip that I felt inspired to quickly record a commercial in one take. While I realize that I’m not as funny as they are, I wanted to pay slight homage to the Swarovski crystal gals on Saturday Night Live.

Fun and engaging guest list

I really enjoyed spending time with Ben Clark (aka Ben Lashes), Grumpy Cat’s agent and mastermind of the Grumpy sensation. He also manages Nyan Cat, another feline friend whom I’ve blogged about in the past.

Shannon Truax and Ben Clark at Grumpy Cat's birthday party

It was also a blast to visit with Jonathan Kite, my favorite chef on TV from the hit show Two Broke Girls.

Shannon Truax and Jonathan Kite at Grumpy Cat's birthday party

And Friskies actually called Katrina and me out in one of their tweets! Yes!

Friskies Tweets our photo

Thank you!

It meant a lot to be included in the celebration. Thank you, Grumpy Cat, Tabatha, Ben, Heather, and Friskies for having me. It was a wonderful soiree.

Grumpy Cat birthday party in NYC

Inside Grumpy Cat Birthday Party NYC Friskies

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