Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour Concert in NJ

Katy Perry Hollywood sign

Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour is an entertaining two hours of lasers, strobe lights, costume changes, and cirque.

The concert is segmented out into vignettes, where Perry’s music is grouped together in themes that tell a story from start to finish. She even takes a moment mid-performance to talk to the crowd, pull kids on-stage, give away a pepperoni pizza, and take selfies with the Katy Cats who were lucky enough to sit stage-side. Makes sense. She spends the larger part of the first half running on the treadmill built into the stage, skipping rope with a glow-in-the-dark jump rope, and riding a Dark Horse.

What stood out to me

I personally enjoyed “California Gurls” when the talented backup dancers rolled the letters of the Hollywood sign to spell out “OOOH,” “LOL,” and “YOLO.” And, the cat music video had me in stitches as some serious badass kitties caroused LA, hitting up spots like Chateau Meowmont as they jived to “Gin and Juice.” #LOL

Katy Perry is a cat

The large umbrella from overhead was beautiful amid everybody’s cell phone flashlights.

Katy Perry concert in NJ

Katy rising into a spaceship during “ET” was a bit expected, but I warn you – you better cheer as she’s floating skyward, otherwise you’ll force her to say in the mic, “Let’s hear it [your city]!”

Katy Perry rising during ET

But my heart goes out to the whimsical balloons in “This is How We Do.” Not sure which one was my favorite…. was it the pile of poop or the Katy Taco…

Prismatic World Tour This is How We Do

Magic was abound with our Cover Girl Prism Vision glasses that created illusions like this.


Kristen and I posted our #InstaGlam beauty shot, for consideration on the concert big screen.

Kristen and I wear Cover Girl Prism Vision

My recommendations for attendance

Having said all that, I have to point out two things before you head to the concert.

1.  Spend $45.00 on the Jr. High School athletics inspired Tiger Roar tee-shirt.

Roar Katy Perry Tee Shirt

2.  There is an encore, and it’s killer. BUT after Katy performs an extremely elaborate rendition of “Birthday” and floats away on a balloon bouquet, do not pack up and hit the parking lot.

She actually comes BACK out on stage in a gorgeous firework inspired dress and performs “I Kissed a Girl” (and I liked it). No she doesn’t. She performs “Firework!” The actual firework display will make you go Oh Oh Oh!

It was a FUN, entertaining show, filled with the Katy Perry eye-candy that you would expect.


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