USA’s new series, Satisfaction, is an entertaining thought provoker

Satisfaction USA new series

Satisfaction premieres tonight on USA, and I had the chance to see the series’ pilot episode a day in advance in New York City.

When I was at the NBC Universal Upfronts in May, Satisfaction stood out to me as one of the more interesting and better previews. And after watching the first episode, I’m hooked! It’s DVR’ed so that I don’t miss a single episode this season. I want to follow this story from start to finish!

What it’s about

Satisfaction is about a married couple in America’s top 1% who “have it all.” Neil Truman is a banker. He and his wife  of 18 years, Grace, have a daughter and don’t make time to swim in their pool anymore. Truman goes a little crazy on a business trip and comes home unexpectedly to surprise his wife. But he is the one who is surprised, as he catches Grace having an affair. He slips out unseen but waits for the guys, hunts him down, and learns that he is a paid male escort. In the exchange, Truman ends up with the escort’s phone. And voila! Truman takes on the clients who dial the number, and he becomes a paid escort himself.

What it makes you think about

Satisfaction USA premiere party

The series strives to make you consider the question – Is monogamy realistic? And so did the panel at the fantastic Premiere Party. Noel Biderman, author of Cheaters Prosper, was compelling and very interesting. He believes that infidelity will save the modern marriage. I could follow his argument, and I was quite involved in the discussion. During the Q&A, I raised my hand high in the air and shared my POV… in Satisfaction, Truman and Grace are not communicating with one another. If they wanted to use infidelity to solve their problem, it would seem to me that they should both openly agree on it; otherwise, it’s a dishonest band-aid on the problem, not a solution.

Or is it? I’m not trying to rewrite the show. Sean Jablonski has that down to a science, and I can’t wait to see his brilliance unfold. It will be fun on Thursdays to tune in and watch Season One play out!

Satisfaction USA new series

The party was a blast

I quite enjoyed the open bar, passed hors d’oeuvres, and the fun GIF booth by Pop Up Photo Booth. The booth takes six pictures that animate to a GIF, and then you can share the GIF immediately in social, or print out a quad of pics to take home! @SatisfactionUSA knows how to throw a party!

Here’s a link to @JohnBasedow’s and my GIF:

John Basedow and me at the Satisfaction Premiere Party

Satisfaction USA Premiere Party

Satisfaction USA Premiere Party

Satisfaction USA Premiere Party

Satisfaction USA Premiere Party

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