Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden in NYC, through the lens of my new #LGG3

Billy Joel Concert in NYC

It was an incredible opportunity to see Billy Joel, New York’s infamous Piano Man, perform live at MSG.

My mom and I attended together, rekindling our Billy Joel fandom after a 15 year gap since our last Billy concert together. I own all of his Greatest Hit, can recite every single line of We Didn’t Start the Fire, and  in my 20’s, I treated myself to a ticket to the Movin’ Out musical that he and Twyla Tharp produced. I. Love. Billy.

Shannon Truax and her mom at Billy Joel

 An elaborate playlist

You might have to pay up to get in to a Billy Joel concert, but he’ll make it worth your while. He really is The Entertainer. The set list included many of the classics that I love, Movin Out, The Stranger, It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me, We Didn’t Start the Fire (yes, I sang along); some multiple choice options, where he crowd sourced which more obscure tunes he’d play; interstitial ditties like Oh Susannah and Pop Goes the Weasel; and a solid encore ending in Uptown Girl and Only the Good Die Young. And, Christie Brinkley was in attendance!

Experiencing the show with my new #LGG3

Obviously it is very important to me to be able to capture moments like this, and I was excited to be armed with my fancy new device. This would be my G3’s maiden voyage! I can’t even begin to describe how pleased I am with how easily and accurately I was able to capture the show, as well as share my footage right from my seat.

I loved the laser focus camera and was blown away with the incredible zoom. Here is Billy zoomed in as much as possible.

Billy Joel Zoom

Here is where I was sitting without any zoom.

Billy Joel at MSG

Loving the selfies

It also has to be mentioned that my selfies will never be the same. My mom and I had a blast doing concert selfies. The #LGG3 has a bright front facing camera. And in voice mode, all you have to do is say “Smile” or “Cheese,” (among other options too) and the picture will take itself!

Shannon and Mom Selfie

Colorful stage shots

Billy Joel Concert


Billy Joel at MSG 

Billy Joel concert

Better than what I captured at Katy Perry

Last month, I attended Katy Perry with my sister and my Windows 8 Phone, and to be honest, nearly all of my Katy pictures came out very blurry and blown out with all of the stage lights. The video was static-sounding. And, for some reason, my phone couldn’t pick up any signal from inside the show. My sister was #Instaglam-ing away, and I was Insta-Left-Behind. There was such disparity between attending a concert with a Windows Phone and attending with LG’s new G3.

I gave my mom my old Windows Phone, and while she seemed to drool over my new LG G3 (her whole kitchen and television collection are all LG products), she was very excited to upgrade her phone for free and take my old device. Well, within a week, she dropped it in the toilet. I couldn’t be more amused. It’s totally a sign.

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