The Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale

Barney's New York Warehouse Sale

It was an exciting afternoon on 19th Street in New York City, between 6th and 7th Avenue. Today, I attended the Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale.

You don’t even have to get all the way inside to see the beauty that awaits. Top design houses such as Lanvin, Balenciaga, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, and Derek Lam fill the racks, as does the Barney’s New York house label. It is truly something to experience, for men, women, and kids.

Barney's New York Warehouse Sale

My splurges

I was debating on whether or not I wanted to say splurges or loot, and it’s more accurate to call out that the Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale is not giving away top designs. The ivory Lanvin dress that I personally loved was ticketed at $1,895.00, and the furry wedge booties were still $579.00. Having said that, when compared to the full price tag in the Barney’s department store, you are getting a deal for sure. I love what I landed, all for a little under $100.00 per piece.

Olive J Brand “Scuba” pants

We may recall the purchase I crowd sourced last month – the Signal Pink J Brand Neoprene jacket with white enamel buttons. Yes, I did end up getting it and wore it in John Basedow’s and my review of Satisfaction.

John Basedow and I review Satisfaction

Well, I bought the olive colored J Brand neoprene pants today at the Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale. Normally priced out at $297.00 and consistently sold out across the board, I squeezed into a pair of my own today for $99.00.

J Brand Neoprene pants

Barney’s New York Label Navy/Rose Gold cashmere and sequins sweater

Love the snug, soft fit on this one. This piece is pretty. Normally $275.00, I pulled it on for $89.00.

Barney's New York Sweater

Marni Lamb Leather Pumps

Ok, I saved the best for last. These are so me, and were such a buy. Normally $775.00, I slipped into them for $109.00.

Marni Pumps

Proud to add it to the Fall collection

As demonstrated in Day 4, Year 3: New Fall Fashion post, I’m trying to build out a new Fall wardrobe piece by piece. So far so good! I’m planning an online sale of my former fashion favorites, so stay tuned on that. I have a ton of high end items that need new homes.

Barney's New York Warehouse Sale

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