Day 25, Year 2: A little Fall shopping


I woke up 12:45 pm today and proceeded to make the Summer-Fall wardrobe switch, as I enjoyed a two hour phone call with an incredibly talented, sincere, and attractive fashion designer.

Clothes that were embarrassingly small are now big, and I’m finding that little of my collection works for me anymore. I need to find a convenient way to get these pieces out of my apartment and into good homes. Anybody want anything?

At about 5:30, I threw my hair up in a pony, put on a yoga outfit, and walked out unshowered to check out TJ Maxx and Marshall’s on the Avenue of the Americas, picking up a few fitted pieces, one of which was a Cynthia Steffe piece with a $49.00 clearance sticker, normally priced at $295.00.

After that, I finally became VIB Rouge at Sephora! A Barbie pink comb put me over the edge.

#LGG3 #CynthiaSteffe #Splendid

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