Day 330, Year 2: Hearst Beauty Sale loot


Today’s $3,095.00 loot (not counting taxes) cost $52.00. Thank you Dr. Oz! And Howard/Debi. I thought it would be fun to give arbitrary awards:

* Most useful: Kate Somerville tanning towels, valued at $48 and something I use and needed to replace.
* Most exciting: Guerlain Baby Glow Meteorites!! It’s $54 and something I’ve wanted but haven’t actually purchased.
* Most valuable: The Davines After Sun duo for body and hair! Gonna pack that when I visit my mom all summer at her pool!
* Biggest dud: The hair removal kit, requiring you to microwave a substance, valued at $12.99.
* Biggest surprise: The Healthy Delights box wasn’t cat food! It’s a box of extremely tasty treats… THAT ARE VITAMINS!
* Weirdest item: The Ocean Breeze spray that you put on toilet paper before you wipe.
* Highest value: The $120 organic body oil duo was a throw in when I got to fill my bag for $10, so it was essentially free!
* Best to gift to a boy: The Elemis For Men Eye Cream and Kevin Murphy paste. Stafan is in luck!
* Best to gift to a gal: Marc Jacobs foundation, as my sister loves him and has met him.

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