Day 337, Year 2: U2 at Madison Square Garden


I watched U2 from the view of Suite 58 at Madison Square Garden. It was such a premium, special experience. One of the best I’ve had in the City. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots came out and sang, “Desi-i-i-i-re!” Wow. It was sensational.

In fact, there was a moment during Pride when I cried a little, thinking for the first time in 3 years, that I’m happy I’m not married to Mike Harms anymore, and happy to have gotten out of Seattle. I smiled, looked skyward, and said, “Thank you, Whomever.” I was wearing a $2,000.00 St. John Evening label dress, size 4… the same dress that I wore to my rehearsal dinner six years ago. What an odd coincidence. And how in the hell has six years gone so quickly!?

Much has culminated to this moment recently, like my promotion, Cannes, the Hearst Beauty Sales, trimming up, my sister moving around the corner, my mom moving to NJ, grabbing NYC (and life!) by the kahunas. I had an amazing business call at work today, and somebody very thoughtfully asked me out on a sexy date this Friday. I said yes.

It’s been a journey. Today felt really great, and I’m excited to keep plugging away. I’m the type of person who is never finished, but it’s nice to pause, smile, and celebrate the good – and shoot for the possibilities.

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